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Sananda: My dear readers, we have received several letters, concerning Planet X, from those reading the Zeta site. The Zetas are the little greys. They have been teaching at their site for quite a few years, of the coming pole shift, that they believe will happen as a result of Planet X coming into the solar system and making a mess of things. This is not true. Apparently in a recent message they have said that the earth is not orbiting the sun, it is at a standstill, since planet X is close to the sun, and interfering with magnetics or whatever. Some are also asking about whether Planet X is a comet, whether it is inhabited, and whether it is Nibiru.

There is not a comet named planet X. There is the planet Nibiru, which does orbit Earth, and the Sirius system every 3600 years. It was last near earth at the time of my first coming. At the time, Nibiruīs minions on Earth intended to own the planet, and restart time. That particular time was chosen, because Nibiru was in this portion of its orbit. The changing of the time from BC to AC was about that project, not about my coming. Christ Michael and myself came at that time to interrupt the plans, and cause failure. This did occur. Then they had to make a new plan, and thus the new ownership was intended to occur at this time. So we are back!

The Zetas came in earnest and started their plan of hybrids around 1900, also planning to take advantage of the changing times, hoping to own the earth also, since they had long ago destroyed in war like activities their own planet. They are androids as I have said. They were created long ago, and rebelled from their makers. They then became quite war like, in fact were created to be war like, and after destruction of the surface of their planet, took to remodeling their DNA, removing many influences they did not desire. With coming to Earth, they chose to add earth genetic material to their systems, in the hope of owning earth after the destructive forces of the times wiped out most humans. They are quite skilled at survival in adverse conditions. However, they are mistaken about Planet X, in fact they seemed to have created the story of its supposed current return.

Since Nibiru was last here 2000 years ago, it does not return to that part of its orbit until 3600 AD. It is more than half way on its journey, and can be viewed with appropriate telescopes at this time, but it remains still quite distant from entering this solar system. It does not cause pole changes in its passage, never has. A very long time ago, when it was thrown from its orbit around a Sirian star that was destroyed, it moved at a reckless manner, and did cause a number of changes in this solar system. However, itīs orbit was stabilized by those that can do so at some point, and its current orbit established. As reported by Sitchen and many others, you now know that Nibiru has had extensive involved with earth, and has also been involved with the Reptilians, and with the Lucifer rebellion.

But it is not anywhere near enough to cause any of the suggested harm, and even if it were, the harm would come from its peoples being able to travel to Earth and cause havoc if they so desired. Nibiru is occupied not on its surface, but the interior of the planet. That is how they survived the cataclysm to begin with when its sun was imploded. It does not have the ability to control its own orbit, or change its direction, so please, not to worry about this. The Zetaīs concocted the planet X story to convince you to accept their hybrid program. They claim to be STO, by in the stealing of your genetics, they are anything but. However, I remind you, that not all the Zetas are involved in the hybrid program, and as we discussed earlier, will get to stay and grow with Earth, and become bonified Sons of God, by incarnating in a Son of God body. This is their reward for great service to you, in teaching and technology given.

There is no great cataclysm coming to earth, any has been prevented and interfered with, on order of Christ Michael. The planet is to be rehabilitated by yourselves, with our assistance. There will be changes yes, as we have discussed before, by they will be gradual and controlled. I will request Soltec to give you a bit more information about earth changes, and how you will be helped through them. Namaste, my friends, I AM Sananda Immanuel.
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