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Greetings: Canundrum: User ID: 865297

Hello ST In BG and the regulars on this forum:

Here's a really good read on GLP about the sun and what may be happening; it's from a Boeing employee that is sharing only what he can as public knowledge. Very interesting!!

**Hmmm !! ... Well ... The Link Is To Page # 36 Of The Thread !! ...

Thread: All I can say is, many of you are close !!!! (Page 36)

Thread Titled: All I can say is, many of you are close !!!!

Thread: All I can say is, many of you are close !!!!

Although The Posting Indicated (For Comment) Is By:

Anonymous Coward: User ID: 865798 ... On Page # 32 Of The Thread ... At: 3/10/2010 1:54 PM ... (Not The Original Poster !!)

Thread: All I can say is, many of you are close !!!! (Page 32)

Please ST, would you comment on it's validity?

**As To Our Comments On This ... They Are As Follows ...


Quoting: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 865798 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

How bout this for a hypothesis:

OP, had also made references to comet clusters. He makes
reference to a cold dwarf star.

**Hmmmm !!

If the Dwarf Star is orbiting on our elliptical, it will fly
through (or close to) the Oort Cloud.

As it does, it pulls comet clusters in its wake due to its
gravity well. It would probably sling Oort Cloud debris all over the place. A massive amount of them. Since it has done this before (countless orbits?) it has already trapped debris from its previous passes through the Oort Cloud. So, we get more 'fireballs' in the sky, strange BOOMS!

Since the cold dwarf is dark and emits no light, scientists only notice it because of the disturbance in the Oort Cloud, which was fairly recent.

So, what does the government do? They restrict EVERYONE from their data of space objects.

The entire event of the Cold Dwarf's entry into our
solar neighborhood is invisible, because neither the comets nor the Cold Dwarf emit light or heat.

That is why SOFIA is important. It needs to get into the air and use its infrared sensors to 'see' what is out there. It is the best tool for viewing objects that don't emit light frequency waves.

**It Is An Interesting Hypothesis !! ... However ... Of This "Cold Dwarf Star" ... This Was NOT The Reason For SOFIA !! ... Besides ... If One Is Looking For ... "Cold Stars" ... Consider That "Sol" ... Your System's Sun ... Is Extremely Extremely COLD !!! ... Yet Of The Radiations Given Off ... Without Sufficient Shielding ... It Would Tend To ... Fry One To A Crisp !!

We are now beginning to feel the effects of its gravity, as
shown in the strange phenom of the Sun recently.

**Feeling The Effects ... But Not From This ... "Cold Dwarf Star/Sun" !!

On top of that, think about the magnetic fields of the Sun and the Cold Dwarf interacting. What a f. mess. And the Cold Dwarf is arriving in the timeframe where the Sun is currently heading towards solar max, when the sun's own magnetic poles shift, further complicating the problem!

I bet NASA is thinking 'what a coincidence!', when all along it is just part of the cycles.

**Hmmmm !!!!

On top of that, we have this 'ribbon' of magnetics that we are entering, as seen at the edge of the heliosphere.

And they KNOW that brains interact electromagnetically with our environment. WTF is going to happen when all this converges?!

And the fact that 'ribbon' is stationary, and the Cold Dwarf is orbiting our Sun, the ancients could piece it together!

And I bet you that there is a TON of 'unknown' objects out there that are coming in with the Cold Dwarf and the 'ribbon', stuff that NASA cannot explain at all.

**One Has To First Understand ... What & WHO ... N.A.S.A. ... Really Are & What This Represents !!

Like Comet/Asteroid P/2012 A2. They can't even classify it as an asteroid or a comet!

LMAO, I bet NASA is sh------ their pants!

**To Summarize ... It Is Curious Speculation ... Of What Is Being Said ... But It Is NOT ... What Is Happening !!

Thank you,

You Are Very Welcome !!


Farewell For Now !!

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