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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: alohatruthseeker: User ID: 805452

Aloha ST In BG...

I've got another round of questions, but first things first. My humble apologies if anything I'm asking you have already covered ad nauseam.

**Yes ... We Understand !!

I've got two follow up questions to start.

3b. The reason why I brought up the United Nations codex
alimentarius plan is that there is a concerted effort by TPTB to poison the food supply, illegalize vitamins and mineral supplements, and restrict access to homeopathic and alternative medicine (which is what codex ali. is)

**Yes ... This Is True !!

although in my view, it seems like either the plan has been severely delayed because people are waking up, or they are implementing it at a slower rate now than before so as not to cause too much alarm.

Am I in fact correct on this?

**This Is One Of Many Things ... That Have Been Used ... To Distract ... To Keep Things In Turmoil ... Up Until The Point ... Of The Times Of Change !! ... To Keep The Public's Focus Elsewhere ... Instead Of On Those Things
... They Really Need To Know About ... To Be Made Aware Of !! ... The Impending Arrival !!

5b. In regards to Obama being created in a laboratory, can you reveal where that laboratory is located?

**No We Cannot !!

That is my only remaining question on that front.

8. Regarding the thirteenth zodiac sign of Ophiuchus also known as the forgotten sign...why is it not included with the other twelve traditional zodiac signs?

**This Was Used Of "Older Times" !! ... There Were Many Other Ancient Zodiac Signs Also !! ... Yet Due To Physical & Other Changes ... These Were Forgotten/Not Used ... & Others Took Their Place !!

9. Ancient Indian texts state that there was at one point a
large war waged on our moon/Luna. Can you explain how this war stared and what it was about?

**No We Cannot !!

Also is it true that the Rama Empire went to war with

**Of The Surviving Kingdom/Faction ... Of Warring/Controlling Thoughts ... Conquered The Other Kingdoms ... Through Many Terrible Weapons Of Mass
Destruction ... Of Which Were Launched From Vimanas & Other Platforms ... This Warring Faction Decided They Would "Pick A Fight" ... With The Nation Of Aztlan ... For Power/Control Of Those Lands !! ... This Was Indeed A
Fatal Error/Mistake On Their Part !! ... As The Aztlan Forces ... The Directed Energies From That Land ... Made Short Work Of What Remained ... Of The Ancient India Lands ... Melting These Buildings/Fortresses ... And
Of The Warring Factions ... Their Threat Became As Much Of Smoke ... As They Were Vaporized ... Along With Their Instruments Of War !!

10. I believe you stated once before that the Columbia space
shuttle was shot down for violating an intergalactic treaty (if I remember correctly) after the astronauts were safely removed.

**Yes This Is True !!

If this is correct, can you state what the violation was that prompted this action to be taken?

**Of The Attempt To Take Things Into Space ... To Be Used As Instruments Of War !!

11. Why is NASA getting involved with the investigation into

Can you give some insight into the backroom deals going on and what the ulterior motives are for NASA to investigate Toyota?

**As They Were "Involved" ... In Creating The Remote Control Devices ... Installed In The Vehicles ... Of Which Are Also Used In Airplanes .. & Vehicles In Space !! ... Who Better Then ... To Create Disinformation & Distraction ... Away From The Real Causes !!

**The Only Reason That It Came To Light Is ... That An Individual(s) ... Remotely Shut Down Vehicles ... Opps !!! ... Now It Could Not Be Hidden From The Public !! ... & Then There Was The "Creative Tale" ... About Energies From Space ... Causing Accelerator Problems !! ... Which Is A Partial Truth !! ... (In The Very Least ... It Would State Plainly ... That Such Software/Hardware Is Installed !! ... Another "Opps" !! ... Of Which The Public Was Not Supposed To Know/Be Made Aware Of !!)

**Of Course A "Cover Story" Was Released To The Public ... In The Form Of "We're Working On This Possibility" ... Months Before ... This Was Geared/Directed ... Toward "Safety & Protection" !! ... Say For Instance That A Vehicle Was Involved In A Crime ... It Could Be Disabled By Remote Control !! ... Yet If One Sees The Other Side Of The Coin (So To Speak) ... It Could Also Be Used ... To Cause "Accidents" !!

12. I know you were asked this before but I never saw an
answer...are you all essentially vegetarians?

**No ... Each Of Us ... Have Various Dietary/Nutritional Needs !!

I know you like mushroom pizza and all but I've never heard you talk about eating meat.

**We Do Not Require This !! ... Though For Those That Do ... This Can Be Created !!

More importantly, do you have a meat substitute?

**We Can Create This !!

Do you have an alternative to killing animals for food without having to resort to vegetarianism?

**Yes !!

13. You have stated before who created the black root race, but I was wondering which extraterrestrial group created the Asian race?

**Of The Scientists Of The Original Experiments ... & Those Participating Anunnaki ... They Had Involvement !!

14. What was the purpose for foo fighters that were seen by
pilots on both sides during World War II? Were they for observation?

**For Observation & Protection !!

15. Are the Na'vi from the movie Avatar based on a real
extraterrestrial group? I ask because I know Hollywood likes to hide things in plain sight.

**Do Not Know !!

That's it for now. I know you have probably answered most of
these already, but I'm still catching up on the thread.

Yes Of Course !!

Thanks for your time...

You Are Very Welcome !!


Farewell For Now !!

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