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Hey Rightnut, i hope your in good spirits lately, i think we just have to live our life's now but keep on the lookout/watchfull, because although things are close, we just got to relax and let the chips fall into place as they will, we got to try to relax and ease our minds from getting to stressed out. I think this is the real deal that the physical shift will occur, we just got to calm down and just live our lives till its time without trying to be so frustrated.

I agree with Josh. I used to rant all the time. It never accomplished much for me. I hate to repeat the same things over and over.. but I finally realized it really is going to happen soon when the vegetation started declining extremely rapidly around here in the last few years. If it is happening here in southwestern BC, it is probably happening in Alaska as well. I have a biology background so that was helpful for me to determine just how serious things were/are. RightNut, If I were you I would go for a walk in the forests when the snow recedes there (if it hasn't already)and take a close look at the vegetation. I would think you'll see many withering/discolored leaves or thinning trees and other plants.

In fact.. it seems that some of the trees and other plants here have emerged from the buds in near fall colors. Reds, and brownish colors. Probably indicates a problem producing Chlorophyll which will make it difficult for them to produce enough food for themselves. I would think this is partially due to barium or other heavy metal poisonings as another GLP poster had mentioned once.

Worst case scenario-- which seems unlikely-- is that you have to live out a full human life span here.. 80 years or so if you live a real long one. How old are you now? Just got to go with the flow I guess. But it shouldn't be long now. The environmental decline is startlingly rapid. Last year our trees turned fall colors during a heatwave in July with 90-100 degree temps. Now they are not coming back properly and it doesn't look right around here.

Just thought I'd mention that to help show how close we really are. It's sad really that everything is dying but at least that means we can all get out of here and go somewhere that things are done properly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 915052

Thank you both for your thoughts. We still have a few feet of snow on the ground. I do not know how much we got this year..but the average snow fall in my location is about 325 inches of snow a year. So I wont see any vegetation up close until about mid May.

Last fall I spent much time out in the country enjoying the last few moments of Terra Earth as we knew her. We lack a variety of vegetation where I am so nothing was noticed.

I hate to see things die, but it is time for us all to move on. I am not looking to forward to the final days, but I am looking forward to leaving this place.

Although I have truly admired this planet. Its humans not so much. People confuse me. Say one thing..mean another.. ..yet do something totally unexpected. I just dont understand people. Never really did. People make me sad for some reason. Maybe it is because everyone I see exerting so much energy for nothing. Spending so much time lying and deceiving each other...for what? A few trinkets.

I hope you are both Right...then all three of will be..lol. Maybe Nut has not left the station yet.

If you want to know where Nut went. He felt you all were getting tired of his humor. So Nut took a vacation. Not really sure if he will return. I am sure many of you are relieved. Ops...especially him....

Take Care

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