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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Moogle
User ID: 4814

This Nibiru thing reminds me of FF7
(Final Fantasy Seven, a game for the playstation, I got my name Moogle from this RPG ´role playing game´ series)...
that´s probably what he was talking about...ahhaha

**Well ..... No !! ... Itīs A Curiousity However !! ... Although Those That Designed The Game ... Could Have Patterned This After Nibiru & Itīs Passage !! ... So In This Case The Reverse May Be True !!

... you play that game and a giant meteor thing just hangs in the sky... like ST in BG says Nibiru may be doing that now waiting where it is... lolol...HRMMMPH

**Anything Is Possible !! ... From A "Perception" Nibiru Might Be Termed: "Waiting & Hanging Around" ... But Only Due To Forces That Are Keeping It Suspended & In In Their Grip !! ... And When This "Grip" Is Release ... Then Look Out !!

OPERATOR, you say alot but nothing... you´re no different than ST in BG in vagueness... but I guess that´s no different than anyone else...

**There Are Reasons ... For Being Vague At Times !! ... As Certain Information May Be Shared Fully ... And Other Information May Only Be Spoken Of In A Generalized Way !!

Explain the "old hag" thing... you say goddess of love ST in BG?... umm... a title your kind gave this?

**Oh No !! ... Not A Title That We Bestowed !! ... This Is One Of Her Many "Titles" That Were Given To Her ... In Her "Terrestrial/Earthly" Guises/Bodies !! ... She Was/Is Known As: Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus, Amongst Other Names !!

I thought you said you didn´t know God...

**That Is True !! ... We Havenīt "Shook Hands" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

so why would you give it such a title?

**Well That Was Mainly For "Relative Identification Purposes !! ... As You Would Know "Instantly" Of Whom I Spoke !!

I thought your kind didn´t have a religion?

**We Donīt !! ... But We Are Very "Spiritual" !! ... Chalk White Skin & Full Of Mischeviousness !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

That would assume a religion wouldn´t it ST in BG??? :P

**No Not At All !! ... Simply When One Converses With Those Of Terrestrial Form ... One Uses That Of Which They Can Understand/Identify With !!

And you would say.. goddess of love to us!...

**Well To Simplify Matters !!

well umm... no... just like with Egypt ... when you supposedly influenced their worshipping of all those false gods...

**Well They Werenīt "Gods" To Begin With !! ... Extraterrestrial Beings Yes !! ... "Gods" No !! ... And We Had Nothing To Do (Besides Our Presense) With Influencing Andy Kind/Type Of Worship !! ... The Beings On This World Did That !!

and then you have the nerve to tell me that you do not do such things...

**Thatīs Right !!

well of course... you don´t worship God or humble because you are worshipped yourselves and that is how you want it eh???

**No We Donīt Worship Nor Recognize That Which Does Not Exist !! ... And We "Donīt Go In" For Personal Worship Either !!

Explain this discrepency... That "old hag" thing where a demon is on you has happened for a long time..

**First Thing Right Off ... It Wasnīt A "Demon" !! ... A Being That Can "Shape Change/Shift" Perhaps !! ... But Not A "Religious Creation" !!

and I know you are wrong... cause last time I saw it as one of my old friends...

**Thatīs Entirely Possible !! ... Of A Being Having Those Abilities !!

that one time it was an india looking girl... then before that a ball of light... sooo umm... NO?

**Well If You Understand That Such Beings Do Exist That Can Take Different Appearances ... Not To Deceive ... But To Make You More "Relaxed & At Ease/Comfortable" !!

Just like with schizophrenics... if it is a lowering of the psychic barrier... how come the things tend to interact with what´s around them?

**Very Simply ... This Was A Different Thing Entirely !! ... This Was Of A "Visitation" !!

It´s just something in their mind that doesn´t exist... it´s not like psychic abilities... cause it doesn´t pertain to anything here...

**It Is That Which Exists ... A Presense ... A Being ... Who Has Connections To/With You !! ... Of Which It Pertains To You & To Your Experiences !!

Farewell For Now !!

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