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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Moogle
User ID: 4814

This Nibiru thing reminds me of FF7
(Final Fantasy Seven, a game for the playstation, I got my name Moogle from this RPG ´role playing game´ series)...
that´s probably what he was talking about...ahhaha

**Well ..... No !! ... It´s A Curiousity However !! ... Although Those That Designed The Game ... Could Have Patterned This After Nibiru & It´s Passage !! ... So In This Case The Reverse May Be True !!

... you play that game and a giant meteor thing just hangs in the sky... like ST in BG says Nibiru may be doing that now waiting where it is... lolol...HRMMMPH

**Anything Is Possible !! ... From A "Perception" Nibiru Might Be Termed: "Waiting & Hanging Around" ... But Only Due To Forces That Are Keeping It Suspended & In In Their Grip !! ... And When This "Grip" Is Release ... Then Look Out !!

OPERATOR, you say alot but nothing... you´re no different than ST in BG in vagueness... but I guess that´s no different than anyone else...

**There Are Reasons ... For Being Vague At Times !! ... As Certain Information May Be Shared Fully ... And Other Information May Only Be Spoken Of In A Generalized Way !!

Explain the "old hag" thing... you say goddess of love ST in BG?... umm... a title your kind gave this?

**Oh No !! ... Not A Title That We Bestowed !! ... This Is One Of Her Many "Titles" That Were Given To Her ... In Her "Terrestrial/Earthly" Guises/Bodies !! ... She Was/Is Known As: Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus, Amongst Other Names !!

I thought you said you didn´t know God...

**That Is True !! ... We Haven´t "Shook Hands" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

so why would you give it such a title?

**Well That Was Mainly For "Relative Identification Purposes !! ... As You Would Know "Instantly" Of Whom I Spoke !!

I thought your kind didn´t have a religion?

**We Don´t !! ... But We Are Very "Spiritual" !! ... Chalk White Skin & Full Of Mischeviousness !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

That would assume a religion wouldn´t it ST in BG??? :P

**No Not At All !! ... Simply When One Converses With Those Of Terrestrial Form ... One Uses That Of Which They Can Understand/Identify With !!

And you would say.. goddess of love to us!...

**Well To Simplify Matters !!

well umm... no... just like with Egypt ... when you supposedly influenced their worshipping of all those false gods...

**Well They Weren´t "Gods" To Begin With !! ... Extraterrestrial Beings Yes !! ... "Gods" No !! ... And We Had Nothing To Do (Besides Our Presense) With Influencing Andy Kind/Type Of Worship !! ... The Beings On This World Did That !!

and then you have the nerve to tell me that you do not do such things...

**That´s Right !!

well of course... you don´t worship God or humble because you are worshipped yourselves and that is how you want it eh???

**No We Don´t Worship Nor Recognize That Which Does Not Exist !! ... And We "Don´t Go In" For Personal Worship Either !!

Explain this discrepency... That "old hag" thing where a demon is on you has happened for a long time..

**First Thing Right Off ... It Wasn´t A "Demon" !! ... A Being That Can "Shape Change/Shift" Perhaps !! ... But Not A "Religious Creation" !!

and I know you are wrong... cause last time I saw it as one of my old friends...

**That´s Entirely Possible !! ... Of A Being Having Those Abilities !!

that one time it was an india looking girl... then before that a ball of light... sooo umm... NO?

**Well If You Understand That Such Beings Do Exist That Can Take Different Appearances ... Not To Deceive ... But To Make You More "Relaxed & At Ease/Comfortable" !!

Just like with schizophrenics... if it is a lowering of the psychic barrier... how come the things tend to interact with what´s around them?

**Very Simply ... This Was A Different Thing Entirely !! ... This Was Of A "Visitation" !!

It´s just something in their mind that doesn´t exist... it´s not like psychic abilities... cause it doesn´t pertain to anything here...

**It Is That Which Exists ... A Presense ... A Being ... Who Has Connections To/With You !! ... Of Which It Pertains To You & To Your Experiences !!

Farewell For Now !!

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