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^ forum wouldnīt load in the browser and cause that heh... anyhow:

Electricity/shocking - When I said electric stimulation I meant this... you mentioned your neighbor does

this? could you explain it plz? I mean sitting under power lines has bad effects but I guess there are

safe levels to this... you said this helps clear out blockages?

Photon Belt - An increase in light being sent here... since 1982 I heard... when I was born...

Magnetic healing - Explain this some if you would... you mentioned the MRI machine is a step in the right

direction but is not powerful enough... if you canīt say much about it fine... I donīt mean to press

ya/aggrovate ya... just I tend to use the resources I can work with to figure stuff out :P When itīs a

percieved friend, just makes things easier :D

If an anti-christ shows up... THE BEAST... bearing the mark 666 on his right hand or forehead... I heard of

a guy who said he had a pentagon/star on his forehead because he mastered something :o... So umm... if

that happens... and we are forced to get this mark... we can basically then discount the E.T. existence

theory huh? hehehe... I mean... would you then think twice? :P

That sensation I remembered from some time long ago... that seemed familiar with the sound of the thing in

the light going out... like a refridgerator buzz noise... could that be remembering an existence where I

was just energy?

You mentioned we need surge protectors... why werenīt we created with them :o? Just wonderin... Are some

equipped with them? I guess it would all relate to oneīs path... I am sure implants may offer that heh

That rapper calls himself Tech N9ne... I am interested in it because RAP is what all youth are listening to

and many parents now (hip-hop)... he got his name from a gun ofcourse and changed the spelling... but it

means Technique of 9... the whole 9 yards... everything after 9 repeats... Tech boasts he has it all... I

think he may have had a near death experience and petit mal seizures as a kid... he did 15 hits of Xtacy at

one time supposedly... he says in the song "I heard a voice but he creepin he hides... in the meantime... I

say shut the f up ... and just ride"... heh... His fear was clowns and he became the "killer clown" as his

image... itīs interesting... His voice sound electrical... there is a part in a song of his where in

between the word "hos/bros" and "pythos"... there is this little vocal eccentricy... it is so fast and is

some kind of energy spike barely noticable... seems unhumna... Iīm pretty sure it sounds the same when he

does it live too...

You said I breathe fine... my brother said that exact same thing when I asked about it with him... but I

read online that you should breathe from your diaphram... my shoulders used to always raise and I would use

my chest more...

If I breathe a certain way... will that change my consciousness? Like it is all linked... I understand...

such as... if you change the brain it has an affect on the body... if you change the body it CAN have an

affect on the brain...

With that crystal meditation I did that worked that one time and was a teaser... what if I hadnīt put it on

my third eye chakra... Like say I placed it on my solar plexus chakra... would something different would

have happened?

In that crystal meditation... my frequency raised... and I was defocused... I would guess there is a trance

level to that frequency too huh? :D where you can focus all that frequency on one thing :P... very

interesting stuff!

Why donīt my eyes ever hurt anymore from looking at a monitor too long? They used to I remember...


I told you about those specks of light in the air I saw and you said lifeforms... I can see them without

that reflection of light a bit too... not sure what it is really... could be damage to my eyes ... but

uhh... makes no sense they are like crisscrossing everywhere throughout the entire scape of my focused

image my eyes give me... I can only see one layer of the specs... I see a constant rain in the midst of

this layer of stuff... itīs weird... dunno what it is...

Look forward to the day everything is at a peace that is not apart from complete knowledge of the truth
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