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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1813

Hi ST in BG,

I´m very curious about the 2005=2012 concept. It makes plenty of sense, since the calculation of the Gregorian (and Julian) calendars was based on erroneous estimates of the birth date of Jesus.

**That Is Correct !!

But why didn´t the archaeologists who translated the Mayan calendar discover the 7-year discrepancy?

**Well They Were Working Off An Entirely Different Calendar System At The Time !!

**But The Mistake That Was Made In Calculating 2012 As The End Of The Mayan/Aztec Calendar/End Of Time !! ... Was Using Another Calendar ... The Religious "Gregorian Calendar" !! (Of Which Begins Year (1) With The Birth Of Christ/Jesus As Their Starting Point !! ... Of Which The Actual "Birth Time/Date/Year Was & Still Is ... In Hot Dispute !!)

**So Not Realizing ... And Not Taking This Possible/Probable "Birth/Date/Year ... "Time Error" In Account ... & Factoring This In !! ... The "Error" Was Of Course Tranferred Into Their Time Calculations !! ... *So On One End (Mayan/Aztec Calendar) One Has The Year 2012 ... And On The Other End ... One Had The Gregorian Calendar (With An Error Of (7) Years) Of Which 2005 = 2012 !!

If this year "is" 2012, then surely the magnitude of disasters should be even greater.

**Yes That Is True !! ... However I Would Suspect That This Would Depend On How Close Nibiru Is At This Point ... How "Buffered" The Effects From This Planet Are (Which Are Causing The Reactions Of Sol (The Star/Sun In Your System !!)

No disrespect to the people of New Orleans, but their flood doesn´t seem like a specifically 2012-related event.

**No That Event ... Hurricane Katrina ... Was "Weather Engineered" ... And Was Purposely Directed !! ... The Event Was Well Planned In Advance !! ... By Those Who Would Profit By This Happening !!

Will we witness an increasing tempo of events as December approaches?

**I Would Suspect ... As The "Planet Of Crossing" (Nibiru) Becomes Closer ... There Will Be An "Uptick" ... A Speeding/Increase Of Weather Related Incidents !! ... Volcanic Activity ... Earthquakes, Floods, Ect.

I was always counting on having at least a year or two left before the cataclysm overtook us.

**Actually I Think There Has Been Something/Someones ?? ... That Have Been Postponing Nibiruīs Passage !! ... As This By All Rights ... Should Have Already Occured !! ... So It Is My Feeling ... That There Has Been "Intervention" By Some Way/Means !!

How will the UK be affected in the next six months?

**It Is Difficult To Tell !! ... As One Might Say ... That The "Normal Timetables" Are Completely Off !! ... **However As To Being Safe In That Area ... We Forsee This Land Disappearing Beneath The Waves !! ... Especially England !!

Gaia Man keeps mentioning portals in the context of 2012. I´ve researched ancient sacred landscapes and suspect that some of them point to dimensional gateways. Is it correct to say that portals are associated with specific geographical areas or ancient remains?

**They Can Be !! ... But Not Always !!

I have always been drawn to certain parts of the South-West of England and South-East Wales. Might there be a number of portals in the vicinity of Avebury, Ynys Witrin and Caerleon? (You may recognise the reference in the second two names...)

**Itīs Possible !! .. But Know That With All Things Of This Nature ... It Is The Being(s) Themselves That Plays A Great Role !! ... That Is Such Things Will "Reveal Themselves" To Those That Are Ready ... To Those That Are Worthy Of Finding That ... Which In The Wrong Hands ... By Misuse Of This Ancient Knowledge ... Would Be A Danger To Themselves & To Others !!

Without sounding egocentric, it seems to me that certain things I wrote down in an unpublished novel two years ago are coming to pass. This also ties in with material ascribed to Fulcanelli and others (the Cross at Hendaye etc).

**Hmmm !!! ... Very Very Curious !! ... Very Interesting !!

Thanks as always, AC1813

**You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

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