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USER ID 1063833, I totaly agree 100% with you that some here should go back and re read what ST IN BG has said, now ive had a lot of fun at winding some people up here, but if i can be serious for one minute i would like St to give a propper and full explanation of what he said on PAGE 51,let me quote what he said again, .. " The Planet Terra/Earth will NO LONGER SPIN on its Axis ... Nor ORBIT around its SUN... so come on ST IN BG give us all here a full explanation as to how this is going to happen, and then give another full explanation as to how the Earth is going to start moving again, not to mention what happens to our moon, i guess you will have to fudge your answer AGAIN as you know that you have made the biggest mistake of your tenure here and that would result with you losing all credibility with what you have said from the begining to now, and whatever you say from now on.Give it up ST IN BG you have had a good run of talking BS , ive been around too long to fall for channeled material , some have wondered why you have bothered to post for so many years now, my feeling is that either you are in some way connected to the ownership of this forum or you are disabled and housebound and this is your only outlet to the world, with that in mind i feel sorry for your condition whatever that may be physical or mental, but what i would say is is that some here have altered there normal lives because of what you have told them about these comming events, now you may be having fun in doing that but you should think of the possible damage you might be doing to their proper path here on earth, although sooner or later these people will eventualy come to relise that all of what you say is just fancifull amagination from some lonely spirit channel with a miscievous mind, using this poor housbound body called STAR TRAVELER, Now is the time to give it up and let these poor people go and live their lives without thinking death is just around the corner.
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