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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Moogle
User ID: 4610

Everyone wants the truth Ezar... the trick is telling it from falsehoods... they may not know they want the truth... but when you are conscious there is no other way to go

The bible says the truth shall set you free... it also says wise men die I think :P lol... ahhaha... anyhow...

People think Enki is wise... perhaps a bit... but what E.T.s offer more is some knowledge and even when they promise the truth now to us and many other things... it is still grey area stuff... which ok needs to be that way for now... fine... however...

Wisdom is knowing when to apply knowledge... Enki is lacking in that quite a bit I believe compared to the infinite scope of things... but we shall see...

**What Is The "Infinite Scope Of Things" ????

Especially if Enki is confined to earth and it´s surrounding levels...

**Hardly My Friend !!

Enki and even most all E.T.s may think they know who they are working for... but they even do not know lol...

**And How Do You Know ... They We Do Not Know ??? ... Hmmm ???

Hrmmm what did ST in BG tell me? Why go to ____ when you can go to the source!... hehehe... precisely ST in BG...

**How About The Whole Quote & Source Of The Quote ?? ... As This May Not Even Relate !!

What I don´t understand about psychometry...

is if it really showed you what was truly the history there... I believe you would know of higher creator beings than Enki... but as you said... I believe the visions you get associated with that are limited too... how sad... so it´s not even something you truly develop... what ST in BG and many speak of with psychometry seems like a gateway to an inner TV with controlled programming :(...

**Not Meaning To Twist Words ... But Your First Line Was The Correct One !! ... You Do Not Understand About Psychometry !! ... Your "Beliefs" In This Matter Are Not How Things Are Or How They Work !! ... I Will Not Go Into More Details ... Other Then To Say Then This Is A Talent/Skill That Is An "Inheritance" Rather Then A "Learned" Thing !! ... And Doubtless That I Could Instruct/Teach Others How To Do This !! ... Unless They Are "Born" With This Knowledge !!

Of which ST in BG has said is not known about that they too are searching for the source... hrmmm... seems like they are going for quantitiy over quality to me... hrmm...

** ??? ... Again Moogle ... How About A Reference Rather Then A Vague Thought ??

Farewell For Now !!

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