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i'm getting feeling's of tiredness and sadness. For one i'm still recovering from this very long healing process.

I'm feeling so much home sickness and by that is I miss having my connections and i miss the experience of worry free and pain free , body is so difficult to maintain in full functionability.

People , i don't know when Nibiru will pass by the earth and cause the main upheavals/changes, i really don't, i thought it would be this year people but now i don't really know when it will happen.

I'm sorry people, i just don't know. So my objective is to recover from this surgury and see where things are, plan to go to the phillipeans to meet my beautifull filipino girl friend. Then 6 months later during beginning part of 2012 to bring her to the usa and withen 90 day's marry her and help her find a Job and then start a family and find a nice place and love eachother and have a nice life.
 Quoting: sasha 1222919

Hey Josh, I guess none of us know and we all got pretty excited there for a bit, sort of a mean trick by TPTB with the whole Elenin thing and then the Japan quake. Honestly when I woke up that morning and saw that quake I was like Wow it's finally happening. Maybe not yet but maybe soon, I just thought we'd see more non-haarp quakes by now. I guess maybe the yellowstone ones are probably non haarp, so thats something.

Hope it works out well with the gf, the trip to the phillipines will be pretty awesome to see a place that far away and that different than here. Plus it's good to plan for the "future" like that, keeps the mind occupied with other things than how long the waiting is taking for Nibiru. ST will probably have some more interesting news for us soon enough though so I guess we should not despair too much, though I am having a hard time too now as you can see from my frantic posts.
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