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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: DoubleHelix: User ID: 1507771

Greetings ST In BG

I am (or should i say we are) most honored to be able to communicate with you in this way at this juncture in linear time and the things you say and have said in the past eases my mind and excites me a little.

**Thank You !! ... For Your Kind Words !! ... Most Appreciated !!

I believe i am here to witness the raw destruction of mother nature at its finest and to help ease other peoples minds that i may come into contact with during the cleansing.

**Yes Indeed !! ... And It Will ... Guaranteed ... Be A "Show Of Shows" To See/To Experience/Witness !! ... We Are Honored To Have Ones Helping Others ... In Such Capacities ... Before, During & After ... The Forthcoming Changes !!

Needless to say if nothing catastrophic does happen i will continue to live and learn and be none the wiser

**Understand ... That We Did Not Declare ... Of Such Days/Dates/Times ... That Are Immediately At Hand !! ... It May Be ... Things Do Commense In Their Fullness Of Change !! ... Or ... This May Be The Prelude ... The "Beginning/Warm Up" (Which Can Be As Severe !!) ... To The Actual Happenings ... That Will Occur ... That Is Occuring ... & The "Main Events" Will Take Place ... A Short Time Later !!

My question is has the cleansing (for a lack of a better word) already started in ways that we can not see or understand.

**Yes !! ... Such Related Things & Events ... Are Transpiring/Happening !!

Like with all of the animal deaths. Most recently with the squid along the Cali coast line (I believe it in the millions). At first i thought it was the underwater volcanoes but now i'm thinking increased radiation from the sun.

**Underwater Volcanoes ... Was The "Cover Story" !! ... As Such Explanations Could & Would Be "Readily Accepted" ... The "Incident" Could Then Be ... "Swept Under The Rug" ... Nothing To See Here ... Go About Your Daily Lives/Business ... That Sort Of Thing !!

**To Say/State Outwardly ... That These Beings Died From ... "High Radiation Exposures" ... Would Not Only Set Off A "Local Panic" ... But A "Worldwide Panic/Alarm/Madness" As Well !! ... This Is NOT ... What TPTB Want/Desire !! ... They Would Wish To Keep The
World's Citizens Calm ... Distracted/Bickering & Worried About Life's Day To Day Problems ... & NOT Focused ... On The Impending Disasters That Will Occur !!

**The Concern Of "The News" Getting Out ... & Being Believed ... Panic/Madness Happening ... Is Not Of A Concern For The Citizens ... But Rather Such Alerting Would Prevent "Certain Ones" From Sneaking/Getting Away ... From The Public's Eyes ... Using Any "Dreamed Up Lies/Excuses/Explanations" ... To Leave For Their Secure/Safety Areas !!

**If Those On Terra/Earth Understood/Believed What Is To Happen/Occur ... They Would Panic/Go Mad !! ... & In One Of The Variants Of This Madness ... Anger Would Be Displayed Toward Such Person(s) ... Who Had Of Their Designs/Plans ... To Head To Safety/Shelter Underground ... & Lock All Others Outside ... To Die !!

**The "Citizens" In Their Anger .... Would Return To The Ways Of "Frontier Justice" ... Take The Guilty ... Out To The Nearest Tree ... & String Them Up !! ... Also They Would Attempt To Break Into The Safety Areas ... Pull Out Any/All Inside ... Letting Irony/Justice Take Place !! ... Now "They" Are Outside On The Surface ... & "We" Are Inside With The Doors Locked !! ... Their Attitude Would Be ... Of "Justice Served" ... See How They Like The Fate ... They Had Planned For Us !!

**So You See ... The Ways Of "Frontier Justice" ... Of Madness Is One Of The Things ... TPTB Hope To Avoid ... At All Costs !! ... Keep It Quiet !! ... Keep A "Lid On It" ... Or Else !!!

Are these signs for use to be ready soon.

**Yes !! ... Yes Indeed They Are !!!

And how do i keep going about working for a machine. that is obviously breaking down and will not exist soon.

**We Can Only Say ... It Is "Extremely Difficult" To Give Of Your Time/Energies ... For That Which You Know ... Will Soon Expire ... Will Not Be !!

**You Need To Choose ... To Decide ... If The Life You Are Living Is Correct For You ... Or You Wish To Go On ... To Explore Those Things Which Lay Ahead ... Which Are More Expansive ... Which Are Of Greater Teachings/Learnings !!

**Yes ... There Is Being "Practical" ... Though There Are "Times" ... When "Practicality" Is Not Enough !! ... The Universes Are In A State Of Change ... Galaxies Are Changing ... Solar Systems Are Changing ... Planets/Moons Are Changing ... Which Means ... All Life Everywhere Is Changing ... & All These Things & More ... Demand(s)/Insist(s) ... That You Change With It !!

Its just a little difficult going to work everyday now knowing full well that its all been part of an elite control illusion.

**Yes We Know/Understand !! ... As The Singer Sheryl Crow Sings ... "Change Change Change Will Do You Good" !!

If all this you say turns out to be nothing i will quit (or go on a leave of absence) both my jobs and hike the Appalachian trail.

**We Did Not Give ... Of Specific Days/Dates/Times !! ... Of These Things ... Of The Changes ... They Have Occurred/Will Occur !!

**The "Signs" For Things To Happen/Occur ... Are Present For All To See !! ... As To What Exactly Is Going To Happen ... We Are Not Allowed To Say !! ... We Can Only Tell You ... That "The Birth" Of A "New Reality" ... And Wonders Beyond Ones Comprehension ... To See/Feel & To Explore ... Are Just "Around The Corner" !!

Fairwell for now

and thank you for all the great info

You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

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