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Poster Handle RightNut
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OHHHHH now I get it...sorry Nut, I stand/sit/cower corrected. Well I guess I was speaking for myself. Crazy in a good sort of way.

Would also like to tell ST In BG that I have encountered the most diverse mushrooms in my life right in my backyard. Got bellydown to photograph them and ended up with a swollen face and rash. Doctor didn't know what it was so he gave me antibiotics. Yucky ones too. Had a real metalic taste. Over them now but think the mushrooms communicated for me to not get too close. I had no idea so many different varieties grew so close to me. It was a hoot and I thought of ST the whole time I was photographing them.

My friends are mushroom enthusiasts and they told me I must have gotten too close to the poison ones.

So RightNut, what do you make of the predictions for tomorrow on GLP?
 Quoting: Corona 1427232

I was having fun at your expense. So I thank you for that.

Predictions....I did agree with Canundrum in that the ET's are probably to ornery to let shtf on the day president Obomb is in hiding. But then again I think the ET's are finally ready to get this over with.

I had fears of a big earthquake on or around the 27th. Creating a tsunami. I am at sea level and half a mile from the Sound. So I wanted to prepare for that. I honestly did not expect a pole shift tomorrow but sure as hell wish it would.

ST has stated Elenin is a warning to tptb to start heading to there holes. So that means there should be a month or two until the actual pole shift occurs.

Also something to consider is like ST said; Nibiru can be here in an instant....which tells me....when they are ready they will. I have the feeling they are ready.

Now I had some yap yap in that along with jibber jabber. So I hope you were able to keep up. LOL

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