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Poster Handle sasha
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Greetings: J Forest: User ID: 5379882


Yes or No?

Nibiru and the catastrophic earth changes that ST in BG so eloquently describes are simply a metaphor for your own personal reality collapsing as you disengage from other belief systems and awaken from your slumber....

or else a metaphor for what happens when oversubscribing to ST's future while not heeding your own intuition to stay and present and focus on what can be done now

**Your "Artificial Reality" Is Coming To A Rapid Close !! ... Denial Of Said Happenings/Events ... Irregardless Of How You Attempt To Label ... To Disregard/Dissuade ... This Will Not Change Things !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG 3582085

ST, say's our reality is coming to a rapid close. Uh, life keeps going on for human and animal life , buisness as usual. Maybe ST is Hoping thing's are coming to a rapid close more then they actually are because maybe the life being lived is miserable where u just wish thing's would get on. I can't blame u ST for hoping and wishing our reality to come to a close.

I know what pain u are feeling with your body that u wish it would just end yet u live on because ending ones life is not the answer to solving the problem so we just live on untill are bodies malfunction on it's own.

ST aisa told me not to scare her when i mentioned about the possibility of the lord returning she say's i don't want that to happen now coz i want to be with me. She wan'ts to be with me ST and have a life together and family.

It's not wise to guess on thing's coming to a quick end when that's been said for a few gregorian years now and we are living are lives and alot has happened during the times.

Just because many of you may be misserable with your life and situation don't say it if you don't know for certain if thing's are going to happen in a short time if u don't really know for sure if they are or not.

Take care,

 Quoting: sasha 2829966

Good point Josh. It's already been 6 1/2 years. That's a good chunk of a human lifespan right there. The only real changes we're seeing right now seem to be probably induced by TPTB. The whole Nibiru thing is not lookin like it has a good chance to come through before we destroy ourselves or TPTB decide its time to finish us all off. Which seems more likely? A giant planet we speculate on coming through and killing us all off? Or the chemtrails in the air destroying the food supply as well as our bodies and killing us, or the diseases being released to cull us getting us. Or haarp turned on us?

I guess after all these years I just feel like maybe Nibiru was not true after all. ST may say wait and see, but at the rate we're going here it seems pretty clear we'll all die of other causes first.
 Quoting: CN 3891773

I guess maybe nibiru is physop to keep people on edge and wondering. there are lot's of planets out there and they say galaxies might merge into each other. To much disinformation out there to determine what is true and not true.

Afterall in my dream/vision i had nibiru was stated as not being real and infact a false but the other things like atlantis and other 's that were labeled as myth's these were true but the nibiru is not true when i had that dream a few day's ago.

Something else is going on here maybe were all confused in what actually is going to occur. We just don't know right now what exactly is going to happen.
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