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Greetings ST in BG,

It seems to me in the last three weeks the end of the Mayan calendar (October 28, 2011) has come and gone, Halloween (October 31, 2011) has come and gone, object YU55 (November 8, 2011) has come and gone, 11:11:11 (November 11, 2011) has come and gone and Nibiru (along with its two heralds/messengers) has failed to appear as visible to humans in the sky. In addition, there have been no massive volcanoes, earthquakes or tsunamis recorded.

I can tell the last few days many readers/followers of this thread have become very frustrated/disillusioned.

My questions are:

1. Can you elaborate on what has and has not occurred and why?

2. Can you elaborate on what we can expect to occur, if anything, moving forward and when?

3. Can you elaborate on your statement that our artificial reality is rapid coming to an end? What can we expect to happen and when will this occur.

Thank you ST !!

Best regards,

 Quoting: IS-BE

ST will not give you the information on when it will occur,
trust me over the years people have asked in all different
ways and never received a straight answer.

One thing that bothers me as of recently is ST's response
to YU55. Someone asked "Is YU55 going to affect Earth?" and
ST said "Depends if you are above or below the surface.".

Then someone said "Is YU55 Nibiru?" and ST said "Perhaps".

Very strange answers indeed, I expected him to say "Cannot
reply"... Which would've been a much safer bet in accuracy.

However, this is not the "Let's hate on ST in BG thread"...
And honestly whether Nibiru is real or not, the information
that ST in BG has posted in this thread has probably woken
up hundreds if not thousands of people.

Some of the things I've read over the years resonate so well
with me, that I honestly don't know if it's possible for it to be
false... But who really knows anyways-
 Quoting: Practically ET

Hi Practically ET,

Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like you have followed this thread for many years. I admit I am relatively new to this thread.

Could you please tell me ST in BG has said anything on this thread that has come true/been verified?

Best regards,

 Quoting: IS-BE

He hinted at the Earthquake 3/11/2011 and it did come true.

That is the only one I know of.
 Quoting: Practically ET

Yes.. and that one was created by TPTB unfortunately.
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