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Greetings: CN: User ID: 3891773

**In Response To Sasha (Josh) ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Good point Josh. It's already been 6 1/2 years. That's a good chunk of a human lifespan right there.

**It's Just As Those On Terra/Earth Say ... "A Drop In The Bucket" !! ... Would Not Even Make A Mark On The
"Charts Of "Time" ... Of Moments Having "Passed"

The only real changes we're seeing right now seem to be probably induced by TPTB.

**To Distract From The "Other Changes" That Are Happening ... That You Are Needing To Pay Attention To !!

The whole Nibiru thing is not lookin like it has a good chance to come through before we destroy ourselves or TPTB decide its time to finish us all off.

** "Those That Decide" ... Will Make That Determination ... As The Events/Happenings On Terra/Earth ... Are Being Closely Monitored !!

Which seems more likely?

A giant planet we speculate on coming through and killing us all off?

**The Largest One ... Which May Be Considered ... Part Of The Sol Solar System ... & The Sirius Trinary Star System (Of Stars You Can See/Perceive !!) ... Of Which The Sol System Is Part Of !!

Or the chemtrails in the air destroying the food supply as well as our bodies

**The Choice Made Long Ago By Those On Terra/Earth ... Was To Use Certain Metals/Chemicals ... To Create An Artificial Shield ... To Protect From High/Intense Radiations, Gravimetric & Other Energies/Sources ... Of Which Are Known ... Though To Very Little Extent ... & Of Those That Are Not Known ... A Shot In The Dark ...

... The Choices Being ... The Quick Dying Off ... Of All Life On The Planet's Surface By Intense Exposure To These Energies ... Which You May Die Right Then & There ... Depending Upon Exposure In A Manner Of Minutes ... Or To Attempt To Stretch The Tolerances To Months !! ... Essentially ... Those There Are All Dying ... They
Just Don't Know It Yet !!

**One Of The Side Effects Of Using These ... Very Toxic Metals/Chemicals Is ... That They Will Blend In With Rain/Water Sources ... Polluting The Waters, Land ... The Air ... Everything !! ... There Were Attempts To Minimize The Damage ... By Using Less Toxic Substances ... Though These Did Not Give The Same Protectant Effects !! ... A Damn If You Do ... & ... Damn If You Don't Scenario !!

**The Decision Was To Keep On Doing What They Were Doing ... With The Airborne Dispersal ... Which Had An Additional Bonus Of Hiding Those Things ... Of Which Others Did Not Want Them To See !! ...

... Above All ... They Did & Do Not Want ... A Mass Panic Situation To Occur ... If The Hard Facts W/Corresponding Evidences Surfaced !! ... So Of This/These Related Thinkings ... It Is Indeed ... "Multiphasic" ... Meaning That There Is Not Just One Concern Here ... But Many Interrelating Concerns Associated !! ...

... Though The "Go Ahead" To Proceed ... Was Of The Understanding Due To Already Exposures ... That Each & Everyone On The Surface ... Has Already Obtained A Dose Of Energies That Will Cause Their Deaths ... They Can Only Attempt To Prolong The Lives ... For The Illusion Of
Everything Is "Same Old/Same Old" With Nothing Happening !! ... Yet ... In The End ... They Are Going To Perish !! ... Immediate Death ... Or Lingering Death !!

or the diseases being released to cull us getting us.

**Experimentation On The Masses As "Guinea Pigs" To Test New & Better Weapons Of Extermination !! ... The Same Idea Of Profit By Wars ... To Use Such Individuals ... As Long As They Are Useable ... As They Are Going To Die Anyway !!

Or haarp turned on us?

**A Weapon Of Destruction That Employs "Tesla Technology" ... To Create Elemental/Weather Effects ... Hurricanes/Typhoons, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami's, Tornados ... Along With It's Use(s) As A Mind Entrainment/Brainwashing/Brain Controlling Device !! ... This Is Just One System That Is In Use !!

I guess after all these years I just feel like maybe Nibiru was not true after all.

**Many There Will Die Of ... Just The Shock ... When Nibiru & It's Satellites/Moons ... And All Things Accompanied ... Make Themselves Known !! ... But Then ... That Is How Things Are To Be !!

ST may say wait and see,

**You & Others There Would Need To !! ... We Have Already Seen !! ... It Is NOT ... A "Pretty Picture" !!

but at the rate we're going here it seems pretty clear we'll all die of other causes first.

**It Is Yet To Be Determined !! ... Though It May Be Said That "Others" Have Neutralized Many Of The Things ... That Would Have Already Caused A Termination Of Life On Terra/Earth ... & If They Had Not "Stepped In" ... We Would Not Be Having This Conversation ... At Least
... Not In The Same Body Forms ... Or In The Same Way !!

Farewell For Now !!

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