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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Practically ET: User ID: 1375940

I too would prefer to live my life, have a family, celebrate
more Christmas's (even though not Christian) with my family,
and be able to be successful in my business and help the world.

**All Of That "Illusion" ... All Of That "Reality" Will Be Gone !! ... Wiped !! ... A Blank Slate ... To Start Over Again !!

It is strange to me how ST does want to keep us on the edge
constantly for the past 6 years.

**You Should Be Aware !! ... Aware Beyond Your "Artificial Reality/Programming" Of What Your Governments & "Terrestrial Official Bodies" Tell You !! ... Of Things That Are Occurring ... Are Going To Occur ... That Have Occurred ... You Should Be On The "Edge Of Your Seat" !!

I have read this thread under a AC alias for along time, but did not respond until
only recently.

**Hmmm !!

I do believe in Nibiru / Planet X... But I will be honest,
for the past 3 years (and most importantly this year), I was
waiting around for something to happen... ST made it seem
like Nibiru was right around the corner and we were all going to die in September, October, and then November 11...

**It Will Occur ... When Those That Make These Decisions
Decide To Let Things Progress ... As They Will !!

**Things Have Not Occurred ... Per Many Attempts To Let
Things Proceed ... (As Per "Council Meetings") ... As This Has Been Overruled ... & "Extenuating Circumstances" Has Allowed For/Granted "Extra Time" For Those On Terra/Earth ... To Get Their "Ship" Together !!

**Though We Feel That Even Those That "Voted Down" Letting
Things Proceed Ahead ... Should Realize By NOW ... That The
Efforts To Allow More "Linear Time" ... Has Not Achieved Success !!

**WE Do Not Make These Decisions !! ... It Is "Others" That Decide Such Things !! ... We May Read The "Council Minutes" Or "Get The Word" From Others ... What Is Happening ... Though Our "Job" Is To Carry Out ... What Has Been Decided Upon !!

But of course nothing happened and we are still all here.

**The Conduit Has A Right To "Complain" Being Not From There ... Not From/Of Terra/Earth ... & Thinks/Understands As We Do !! ... In Wanting To Depart Before ... "All Hell Breaks Loose" ... To Go Home To Be With His Friends & Colleges !!

**Though Of The "Gift" Of "More Time" ... To Wrap Things Up There ... The "Complaining, Disgruntlement, Yelling, Screaming" (Well You Get The Picture !!) ... Because It Was Decided For This Allowance ... We & Others Here Consider Such To Be As "Childish Temper Tantrums" ... Not Wanting To Take Advantage Of What Is Graciously Provided ... To Squander This All Away !!

**The Moment Will Arrive ... When You Wish You Had More
Moments ... Of Then We Will Only Be Able To Say ... We Are Sorry !! ... It Is ... How It Is To Be !!

ST, while unintentionally of course, has probably wrecked
more lives than I can count on all hands and toes.

**We Did NOT Say/State ... To Quit Living Your Lives !! ... We Did & Are Indicating ... Have Indicated Throughout The Transmissions ... To Be Aware ... That Changes Will Occur/Are Occurring To Terra/Earth ... & The Subsequent Result Of These Changes ... Which To Us ... Are Of Ancient Ancient History !!

Although, I will admit, if ST is wrong, I will be extremely
happy... Because my gut feeling has always been that we are
not going to die tomorrow,

**You Do Not Know Consciously ... When You Are Going To "Die" ... Though We Know ... Of The Moment & The Circumstances Involved ... Yet We Are Not Allowed To Discuss ... (Except In A "Generalized Way") ... As This Is Of Personal Information !!

but ST is the only reason I kept sort of believing it.

**The Choice Of "Believing" ... One Way Or The Other ... Will The Effect ... That Which Will Be ... & Has Occurred !!

Now that nothing happened on any of these dates,

**We Discussed This Above !! ... And Why This Was/Is !! ... Though We Are Not Allowed To Go Into "Exacting Details" !!

I think I will finally be able to move on with my life and not think about this anymore.

**This Is Your Choice/Decision !! ... It Will Make No Difference !!

ST's idea of a "Rapid close" has no meaning to me anymore,
he's been saying that same thing for the past 6 years...
Yet like you said Josh, human and animal life continue
business as usual. No drastic increase in natural disasters,
no massive 9.0 Earthquakes, none of it is happening.

**Not Yet ... In Your "Timeframe" ... Though In Ours ... Much "Time" ... As You Understand It ... Has Passed !!

Anyways, whatever happens ST has provided some very interesting information over the years and I certainly wouldn't take back any of the knowledge I have gained/confirmed through reading this post.

**Where We Have Been Of Help/Service ... We Thank You For Your Words/Consideration !!

Just remember, it's a lot easier to wake up and be happy when you aren't afraid you're going to die the next day.

**Or As The Frogs Say ... Live Every Moment As If It Is Your Last ... As You Do Not Know ... When You Will Croak !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

Farewell For Now !!

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