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Poster Handle sasha
Post Content
Nibiru was near/close to mars from earth's point of view.

Nibiru has moved next to Very close to our moon from earth's point of view from what i understand causing the moon to recieve a glowing red halo or hew around this.

Apparently the nibiru object or an object or system associated with nibiru is down and to the right of the moon causing what appears like a purplish color as viewed from earth according to a recent video don by donny Gillson.

ST said Nibiru is Very close.

ST is a Very honest person

Why would ST lie there is no need for ST to fool/decieve the populous for his own benefit or agenda.

ST has no reason to decieve us he is not making money on any of this information.

Take care,

 Quoting: sasha 8554899

Lol bro, Ok I have been following ST for a long time.

Ya I do trust ST much more than these Loonies called Donny Bullshitson, and Terral "I'm Wrong every time" Croft. No relationship to Laura Croft, who is a much better detective mind you.

But bro, if you think Nibiru is next to our Moon, you have officially lost your mind.

High school science would prove this impossible. Donny's fake picture was already debunked as fake, why would you trust a faker?

Terral's picture was proved as fake, why would you trust a faker?

ST is maybe right, Nibiru is close, but next to you moon? Bro, I'm sorry but you've lost it if you believe this.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1375940

Nibiru's system is extremely large system.

Nibiru come into view from earth viewing mars in that direction not necessary on top of mars but coming into view towards direction of mars.

Then coming in direction of our moon not necessary on top of our moon but coming into view of the direction of our moon. Nibiru system as seen from earth towards the moon with telescope seen as small as it's quite a distance yet the kite formation and nibiru system formation is coming into view yet nibiru's distance makes it apear to be smaller then this system actually is. This system is very Gigantic in size.

Just ask ST for measurements, hee.hee.hee.

Take care, Josh.
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