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Poster Handle Lindsay007
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Greetings: Lindsay007: User ID: 13078114

Hello ST in BG

I have been following this thread for a few years now.

**And We Have Been Dangling The Thread ... Slightly Out Of Reach !! ... As A Terrestrial Feline ... With A Thread/String ... Just When They Are Ready To "Pounce" ... We Pull It Ahead Somewhat !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

I have asked questions before a few years back.

**Well ... We Hoped You Asked Questions ... Before A Few Years Back ... Before We Came Onto This Thread !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

Since then I have tapped into an energy that allows me to speak of accurate predictions/timeline events to unveil themselves before the eyes of the one(s) who asked. Only with their help!

Once I see just ONE timeline event of theirs, I tell them...with their thoughts on this, they help to attract it...i will only speak of positive predictions because of this.

**Hmmm !! ... For US/WE ... It Is Much More Simple !! ... We Consult The "Historical Records" ... "Books" You Might Say ... That Are Alive ... & Show You/Teach You ... Tell You All About ... What Had Happened/Occurred !! ... You See & Understand ... As Things/Events Are Happening ... & Comprehend What Is Being Said ... Even Though The Languages May Be In A "Foreign Or Dead Tongue" (Ancient Language/Ancient Language That Is No More !!) ... This Being Instantly Translated Into Your Mind !!

I have also learned about all the possible futures that we are able to attract...therefore no future is set in stone...

**Everything Exists ... Is Happening Everywhere ... In The Same Moment !! ... Therefore ... The "Linear Perception" Of Past, Present, Future ... Does Not Actually Exist !! ... All Things That Are Happening Are Concurrent ... In The NOW !!

**As To Things Being Of The Expression ... "Set In Stone" .... There Are Those Things That Did Happen ... & Will Happen !! ... The Information Was Not Only Recorded On "Stone" ... But On Other Mediums/Materials As Well !!

every possible event that we can IMAGINE...is happening simultaneously....RIGHT NOW. The universal energy that is US, YOU, and the universe is all one, all the same...just being recycled through.

**There Are Many Many MANY Universes Which Exist !! ... Not Just One Universe !!

The universe is the main computer

**See Previous Response !!

and every soul in the universe is just a receptor of that computer....learning...and sending the information up to the universe. Therefore, does that not make everyone the same person/entity just running around in a different meat suit so to speak?

**No !! ... Each & Everyone Is Different/Unique ... Of The Multi-Multi Universes !!

Doesn't it mean that whomever I am speaking to...I am just speaking to myself in a way? Just a different part of myself?

**No !!

My question is this...why do you predict catastrophic events?

**It Is Of What Is To Occur ... What Is To Happen !!

How do you know what timeline?

**We Have Knowledge That Transcends That Known/Found On Terra/Earth !!

Doesn't that mean you are just helping people attract that doom to their current timeline through their thoughts? when no event is set in stone!?

**No !! ... As These Events Have Happened ... & Will Happen/Occur !!

I'm hoping you are one of the good guys

**We Are Not Good/Bad ... We Are ... As We Are !!

helping to spread LOVE (the greatest, strongest energy in the universe)

**Those That Toss Around/Toss About The Word "Love" ... Have No Idea/Concept Of These Regards ... Of What This Actually Entails/Means !!

**We Do Not Use This "Word" ... As It Is A "Place Holder/Filler" ... In An Attempt To Express Various Emotions/Moods ... Which Change According To
The Circumstance(s) ... Happenings, & Other Factors Of The Individual(s) So Involved !!

**It Is No Wonder That Beings There ... Have So Much Difficulty ... Attempting To Communicate Of That ... Which Cannot Be Expressed/Transmitted Verbatim !! ... Thankfully
We Use A Higher Form Of Telepathy ... Of Which Others Of Our Kind KNOW ... What We Mean ... The 1st Time/Always !! ... It Is ... A Much Better Way Of Relating Ideas, Thoughts, Perceptions, Feelings, Ect. !!

Thank You!

You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG 13416868

Okay, I see. Thank You.

One more question:
Why am I not able to see or get visions of other universes? Or am I? Hmmm..
 Quoting: Lindsay007

Good Point!
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