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Poster Handle Supertobywong
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He came to fight not learn. Been obvious for a little while. You have had much patience with this ignorant stupid moranic imbecile.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24491390

And what exacly am i suppose to learn from him ... wich i repeat is probably a 12 year old kid with amazing googling and bullshiting skills !!! that alien read magazines ?

What i find sad is that you obviously came to a point where you conviced youself that this is real and yet you say i am imbecile and ignorant... Obviously i don't need to fight with you ... there is no point to be made.

Proof was asked ... not given ... and it will never happen !!!

any person with a few brain cell would have stopped beleiving in this right away.

I mean don't you at some point asked yourself ... ok ... maybe ... i don't know ... is this real ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17770056

Hahaha. Don't you? More high quality assumptive powers you demonstrate. Hey no brain cells, no logic in your various statements.

1) You state, "propably", meaning not knowing or having full awareness.

2) You don't know what an alien is. So most of us laugh at you. You are the biggest consistent joke on this thread.

3) You think you deserve proof. An ignorant imbecile.

Where is the basic logic to your idiotic statements.

Any twelve year old kid could prove more logical thinking than you could ever prove.

P.S. Don't forget stupid and moranic. I called you those too.

Idiotic. Get out the basement and get some fresh air, that's if you can find the door.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24524177

OMG lol ... bite me ... maybe you can also suck is dick trough the conduit.

You are probably just a lonely guy taking a break from world of warcraft because no girl there wants to be your girlfriend so you decided ... well ... maybe i should try to make friends with an alien.

You all say you are very intelligent and tell me ignorant but seriously can you tell me 1 thing ... 1 single thing is those 1433 pages that can actually be verified ... that isnt something completely made up ...

Let me see i am an alien ... what is the best way to learn about human race ... ok i get it i will built a conduit trough the One person and go check out on GLP what the human race is all about and chat with AMY ... all the information is there

if you fail to see my point there i really don't know what to say ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17770056

What a wanker. If you don't like it here just move on. Your pathetic posts are boring everyone else. s226

You're a weak man. Grow up!
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