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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: MJ-13: User ID: 860177

Greetings ST in BG,

thank you for the response.

**You Are Most Welcome !!

I do believe Nibiru is a total cover-up.

**Indeed It Is !!

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is keeping all of us in the dark as well as most of the so-called "government".

**Yes !!

They will never come "clean" about anything. Heck, they won't even admit the truth behind 9/11 and John F. Kennedy!

**Exactly !!

Nibiru is going to be covered up just like the Extraterrestrial subject.

**Yep !!

Your going to have to literally land on the White House lawn if you want "them" to admit anything. They are in complete denial.

**We Won't "Land On The Whitehouse Lawn" ... Though Perhaps A "Shake Up" There ... Might Do The Trick ?? .... Hee Hee Hee !!

I look forward to the day that we could have not only contact but open dialogue and existence with the rest of the universe.

**You Do Now ... But You Are Not Aware Of It !!

When I look up in the night sky and see all of the stars, I can't but hope that one day we could all be as one happy family.

**When You Are "Onboard" ... We Are All ... One Happy Family ... Unfortunately On Terra/Earth ... It Is Not The Same !!

Hopefully Humanity can survive the chaos that is already transpiring.

** "Humanity" Will Be Gone !! ... Those Bodies/Bioforms ... Were Only Designed For 3rd Density Existence ... On
Terra/Earth !! ... They Were & Are Temporary ... & Will Be Replaced ... With Bodies/Containers ... That Are Designed/
Suited ... For The Higher Energies ... The Higher 4th Density Vibrational Plane ... Higher Radiations, Ect.!!

My fear is that we could very well have a third world war.

**Your Concern Is Well Founded ... Though There Are Those "In The Know" ... That Understand ... Such
Designs ... Such Plans ... Would Only Complicate Matters ... Of Those Attempting To Escape To Their Bunkers
... Their Safe Areas !! ... It Would Not Be ... According To Agenda !!

**Waggle & Flash The Swords ... Attempt To Impress Countries, Leaders, Peoples ... That You Are Superior ... & You Can Do ... This Or That ... Yes ... Such Words & Threats Will Be Used ... Though This Is All An Act ... All For Distraction ... & To Keep People Worried & Concerned ... & Not Concentrating ... Not Looking At The "Other Hand" ... Of Which Is Telling Things ... As They Really Are !! ... The "Hand" That Is Pointing ... To Space ... To The Stars ... & To What Is Coming In/Inbound ... To Terra/Earth !!

Too many nations now possess nuclear weapons and my fear is that one day, they will use them.

**There Are Those Who Might Try ... Though If They Make The Attempt ... Their Efforts Will Be Quelshed/Put Down ... & Not In ... A Pretty Way !!

My hope is that a higher power (or civilization) would intervene in the event that happens.

**Indeed !! ... As There Have Been "Certain Threats" ... That Have Been Neutralized ... "Behind The Scenes" ... That Have Not Had "Press" ... That The Public Is Unknowing About !!

We are very close to this happening right now.

**There Are Tensions Yes ... But Most Of These Are "Artificial" In Nature ... "Role Playing" As It
Were ... For Peoples To Follow & Believe !! ... Rather Like
Political Elections ... Which Are Fraudulent !!

The middle east is at a very perilous threshold at this moment and we could be looking at global Armageddon.

**They Are "Playing" The Game ... Their Role Of Distraction !!

I hope I am wrong. But we are in dire straights down here and what ever help we can get would be greatly appreciated.

**Help Is Being Given ... & More Help ... Is ... On The Way !!!

-your friend


Farewell For Now !!

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