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Poster Handle Amy
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Ok seriously, I had some many terrible dreams lately... of killing dying heart breaking... !

**You Never Know ?? ... "Killing Dying Heart Breaking" ... (Sounds Like A "Bad" Rock Group !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!! ... Might Need To Be ... Done Away With !!

Seeing myself with a hard metal about to break someone's head as she was with a knife searching for me, I killed her as she destroyed our family...

**Or Certain "Bottled Up Feelings/Emotions" ... That Are Being Expressed In This Way !!

I hope Jane' (Change) doesn't come with that Heart breaking rock Band. (corrected)

**Oh You Mean The Band ... "Heart" ... With Ann & Nancy Wilson (Lead Singers) ???
**Note: Dreamboat Annie ... An ET Favorite !!!!

 Quoting: ST In BG

Ah... I imagined That terrible rock band is most 'Heart breaking' ... it shouldn't keep coming rocking again... awww! (hehehe) .

Yes Dreamboat Annie, I will definitely try those. I saw their recent music videos, I couldn't recognize Ann, she became so 'huge', I thought I watched wrong band? what happened to her!?

About the woman that has been giving me so hard time, that for years I have tried to stay around, showing my best patience/kindness, so to help her to change the way she looks at people.

I was wishing one day if she changed, if I succeeded, the whole neighborhood too would become a happy family... As in her eyes, everyone is 'mean' , everyone is kind for 'A Purpose'... she is always misinterpreting/assuming others' intentions, and has been 'bad mouthing' about them; her way has made it not only difficult for people to stay around her, but also lead to many misunderstandings/ conflicts between relatives, friends and neighbors .

I realize the more I try, she only sees me as someone doing 'their duty'; she doesn't show appreciations, and only demanding more and more of me. Yes I gave up! but still hoping One day, she may miss me, and think again about our time!

( Anyway that's how I perceive about those things; maybe you ETs know deeper reasons behind? Or maybe my way/method wasn't effective enough)
Yes I often lose my directions, often think about giving up what I am doing; but there are also times I reconsider/ weigh things.

I know I am too, learning the lessons of Honor, Respect and Appreciation;
I have asked about this to you and last night dreams, you have given me another teaching. I remember ET friends shown me the images of one person who is of high position, doing big ceremony to honor a decent cousin that was seen much poorer and lower in comparison. As he respects others, everyone respects him; everyone comes to him/ supports him...that's how he has become successful, in making a friendly environment?

While another one is unappreciative, demanding, insulting others, throwing away friendships, disregarding any help that they took; and he ended up having hard time as always, people around him have hard time too.

[end part #1]
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