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Poster Handle Amy
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In US most people strive to be different, here you are to be same with others...

The Land Of The Programmed/Non Thinking/Not Wanting To Think !!! ... (They Really Do ... Need To Change Their"National Anthem" !!)

"Oh Say ... They Can't See (Or Think !!) ... Nor See The Light ... How So Proudly They (Seek) Hail (Nazi Salute) Of Their Freedoms That Are Fleeing (Being Taken Away ... Of Their Being Manipulated/Controlled !!!) .

.. Oh The Wars They Ensnare ... Death & Destruction Everywhere ... ForThose Who Think Might ... They Profit All Right !!! ... Oh Say ... Does Their War Flag ... Glisten & Glare ... Of The Land Of The Formerly Free ... And Their Citizens In Chains !!! [/quote ]

This thing I know for sure: if some ones who don't think and don't ask questions, it's certainly that ET communications can't get to their minds, and it's impossible to understand the messages. I try to ask questions before going to sleep, in case I may have a chance to be answered to, and easier to interpret the messages. When I wake up, I try to write all the details on paper, because my mind can't hold them long.

So ST you mean " hi " the greeting word in America originated from "Haii" of Nazi salute? Wow... ! In Japan people have " Hai " too, it means Yes, or OK.... Coincidence?

I used to think Death and destruction in American caused by too much freedom, later found your posts saying that ' they ' made peace and shared war profit behind the scene, while in front of public they claimed victory... Those fake " national flag" has been a way to get some silly man to join army to 'protect' the country...? To kill other innocent people to be 'country hero'?

' They ' have their whole teams and servants sitting on top of our heads, what else to hope, except wishing them to shyt a but less smelly. What a terrible prison , having to 'get' something to live, ' have ' something to survive, and then to 'fight' to exist...! What a strange world we are living in.

'They have their
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