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Poster Handle Truthseeker
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H Please can you help me understand the terrestrial concept of HOPE.... And whether it is a universal concept
...And if it is a universal concept.. Albeit maybe different... What is the difference..

**Well ... ???

Truthseeker , I think ST didn't answer because you were not specifically pointing to any details or examples... Hope and Universal are too large a scale to even think of, so how to explain ?

I don't understand what 'Universal concept' is... So how to know if Hope belongs to that ' category' ... And if we don't know what Hope concept is in this reality, how to imagine something of 'Universal' ?

However, in A perspective, hoping and wishing is to wait for something to happen exactly what we want... This is of illusion to me, because what I want or need is always changing. And things don't come out from nowhere at exactly the moment I am waiting. ( except ET hear our 'pray' and decide to do some 'magic' fun)

Also, once you have to hope or wish, it simply means that you don't have enough power and ability to achieve ... Once you 'hope' you start feeling the frustrations, of the hope itself , and of realizing your limit.

My way is to reduce or prevent totally ' wish ' and 'expectation' ... Those will certainly drain out of your energy. Simply it happens or it Not...!
I try to accept facts and make decisions accordingly, rather than wasting time on hoping.

How about you? You may experience same frustrations that I used to have. When you are too tired of it, you only think how to get rid of it.


( Again, just trying to share my thoughts )
 Quoting: Amy 19795488

Brilliant response Amy,... good one.

My questions to ST was more based on the supposed "illusion" of HOPE and its perspective on a universal scale... its purpose so to speak.

In asking whether it is a universal "law"... as what is the purpose of hope if time is irrelevant...

Still waiting for ST's answer...

ST, if I may offer my kind rebuttal... You seem to be choosing topics that interest you rather than answering questions pertaining to humanity... For Example, Nibiru features high on your priority list... although everything that needs to be said about Nibiru has already been said... so the only thing in that regards is to wait.

Also, Ive always requested that your answer as concisely as possible... almost like teaching children so that we may garner knowledge from your answers... most of my questions I've asked on this thread either have never been answered, pushed aside with supposed ET humour or given a completely useless answer like -- WELL!!!

I must agree with one of the poster above who inferred that if you are from a more mature race, with more understanding of "things"... you would qualify INTENT over sarcasm... amazingly its the later that offends you...

By answering questions you are not doing any favours... that is a incorrect perception to have on the questions/ answer model of this thread... as stated above... qualify the question with intent rather than emotion or anything else...

Either way... as Ive always stated.. im here to learn...

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