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Why are we getting so fat ??

**Of The "Food Industry" ... For A Long Linear Time Now ... They Have Allowed MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) To Be Added To Foods & Snacks !! ... And Of Labeling Requirements ... This Did Not Have To Be Listed Plainly ... For Consumer Notification !! ... It Is Often Hidden Under Many Other "Inclusive Food Names" ... Flavorings, Enhancers, Ect. ... And May Even Be Incorporated & Hidden In A Main Product Ingredient Itself ... Of This All One Needs Do ... Is List That Ingredient ... Not What The Ingredient Is Composed Of !!

Reading this ST-s part of post by Amy-s repost I'd mention, that here in Estonia in little town, there is someone, who uses Reinhold Voll's device, which electrically determines humans organs working conditions.
This device also determines, what food or substance is making selected organs work better. I have done it and now I know which substances and foods my body doesn't tolerate...There is good people out there, hehe...Anyway pharmacy-people are in urge to end this, but it's not that easy for them.

I may kindly say, that mostly people doesn't tolerate wheat, sugar, dairy protein. (I am not sure if the races or locations on Earth account)
The bulletproof food products would be buckwheat, eggs, potatoes, sweet fruits, bamboo/cane sugar, rice, dark chocolate, halva, vegetables, (oat) and more.

ST in BG I would like to know do you think this solution (Voll device) is credible by determing electrically by certain points on humans hand the work of organs?

I also wanted to ask about the Nibiru, that it's on the elliptical orbit, but if they dematerialize time to time, then after that they simly go right back onto the orbit?

And one more question -
You often can't reveal several info, I understand why, but maybe you can reveal some more info for now like where are some or most of the Cabal guys for now?
Are their plans working well?
Or maybe you know something is going to happen in some weeks from now?
Answere for anything that you didn't have permission to answere before?

Don't take it as something stupid, Just asking, and you can easily say no, so that's alright : )


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