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Greetings: Amy: User ID: 19795488

This thing I know for sure: if some ones who don't think and don't ask questions, it's certainly that ET communications can't get to their minds, and it's impossible to understand the messages. I try to ask questions before going to sleep, in case I may have a chance to be answered to, and easier to interpret the messages. When I wake up, I try to write all the details on paper, because my mind can't hold them long.

**For The Conduit ... He Needs A SOLID ... "Dream Catcher" !! ... Of Where The "Dreams" ... Run Into The Barricade/Wall ... & Become Woosy ... Giving The Conduit Moments To ... Quickly Get Pencil/Pen/Paper ... & Write Them Down !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!!

So ST you mean " hi " the greeting word in America originated from "Haii" of Nazi salute?

**Noooooooo !! ... We Just Tried To Make The Words/Lyrics Work ... In The Adaptation Of ... "The National Anthem" !! ... Sort Of Like The Parody Song ... Of The German National Anthem Used In ... A Comedy Movie ... [link to en.wikipedia.org]

Wow... ! In Japan people have " Hai " too, it means Yes, or OK.... Coincidence?

**Well ... ????

I used to think Death and destruction in American caused by too much freedom, later found your posts saying that ' they ' made peace and shared war profit behind the scene, while in front of public they claimed victory... Those fake " national flag" has been a way to get some silly man to join army to 'protect' the country...? To kill other innocent people to be 'country hero'?

**And That Is How Their "War/Hero Stories" Are Written Up !! ... Forgetting Of The Victims ... That They Killed/Murdered !!

' They ' have their whole teams and servants sitting on top of our heads, what else to hope, except wishing them to shyt a but less smelly. What a terrible prison , having to 'get' something to live, ' have ' something to survive, and then to 'fight' to exist...! What a strange world we are
living in.

**It Will Change !! ... & Very Very Soon ... This Will Be !!

10/04/2012 12:55 AM

Last night I asked to know about what's going on with Nibiru at the moment.

**Hmmm !! ... That Might Be ... Why The Conduit Doesn't Always Receive Information About Nibiru !! ... He Needs To Request Information Of ... "Nibiru At The Moment" !! ... It Was THAT Simple !! ... Duh !!! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

And so I saw scenes of the big Ship going the Direct way, with a huge 'island' in the middle way, instead of going Around along the borders which was quite much longer.

Saw them pulled a stop there on the island to rest? booking searching some special hotel rooms? ; Looked like they enjoying their trip.

After that, I saw the ' big Uncle' came to gather everyone and about to rush to the destination? The road was very Rocky and messy with lots of wastes and rubbishes. Someone had to clean rubbish on the way in advance, saw the person standing with a big rubbish bin.

The Uncle was annoyed with the rocks on the roads? It's hard to manage to avoid all the rocks...then I saw everyone just left their vehicles and running on their legs (hehehe!)

I was surprised thinking " huh?? so are they going to really leave their vehicles on the side of the road? " ... While I was hesitating, they kept running shockingly fast on their legs...I was left behind still looking at them running ... hehehe ! my legs were a bit tired without vehicles but it seemed faster that way.

Anyway the ET communication was ... really what's happening or just to talk fun ...I am not sure. hehehe!

**US/WE ... Are Not Always Sure Either !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

**Suffice To Say ... The Information Is Indeed Curious & Fascinating !!

10/04/2012 12:44 PM

YEAH ! last night dreams were full of fun;

I was playing sliding games with ET friends; doing many fun things on the field...

eating fresh raw mushrooms too; yummy yummyyyyyyy!

**WONDERFUL !!! ... Hee Hee Heee !!

You know, I was asking in my mind that day to know if you ET friends who respond my posts are of the same ETs that communicating to me through dreams or different groups.

So there I saw you guys giving me fresh raw mushrooms to eat...haha.. What a perfect answer.

**Hee Hee Hee !! ... Very Nice !!

Farewell For Now !!

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