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Steve,Thank you for your comment. Though I unseadtrnd your pov in taking a detached scientific view of this, to me there is a difference between what nature does and what humans do. We cannot (in most cases) control nature. Nature is, well, natural and we need to have faith that although there are natural disasters, that this is part of embodied life and that ultimately there is a balance. But when people do violence, they are upsetting, unbalancing nature. So if a meteor causes a crater on the moon, that is one thing to me, but if people deliberately do violence to the moon, that is quite another to me--on an ethical level. On Earth, it's like comparing a hurricane (a natural occurrence) to dropping an atom bomb. Though they might both cause enormous damage and loss of life, they are not both ethically the same. The first is part of the natural order of things, the second is not. Another thing that concerns me is that there doesn't seem to be any overwhelming scientific need for this information AND even if there were, they don't seem to have investigated other, less violent ways of getting the same info (Amy suggests one, sending a couple of people up there to dig; I'd suggest another--send a robot (like LEM)to dig.) I also remember that scientists in WW II were not aware of how much damage an atomic bomb would cause and I wonder how accurate the NASA scientists estimate of damage to the Moon are. After all, the Moon is responsible for the ocean tides. If that gets thrown out of kilter, the effect of global warming on the ocean is going to look like small potatoes. These concerns are in addition to the symbolic image of doing violence to a planetary object that represents beauty to so many and is sacred to some.
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