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Poster Handle Truthseeker
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OK Truthseeker don't be mad at me ... I may have triggered some sensitive issue here... I laughed "haha Hehe" not to make fun of you, I just don't want you to take things too seriously... Because you are Way Too SERIOUS about everything are you!
why don't you change your name to LaughSeeker it would make you look more cuter (smile). Some people try to be tough and straight and then they can't bend can't be flexible. You see a hard ruler very easily broken while the plastic one you can bend it every way you want and much more useful.
 Quoting: Amy 25117263

Hi Amy,

I cannot be mad with you dear...

What is truth? ... Truth is that which stand above all the deception or that which chooses to distract...

Truth is that which resonate throughout eternity... That which is unchangable... For if it changes it is not truth... It is not perception of subjects but the root of all things in its purest form, and the observation of such...

I am very humorous in fact... As I choose the lighter side of life.. Looking for the best in all that I see...

My questions to ST are to validate the facts in his responses... Whilst I find them quite intelligent as I've stated before... It seems like most of Sitchens work with some Egyptology and Sumerian studies thrown in...

What would validate the authenticity of ST would be the following... If you are NOT part of the time paradox... Tell us where the next earthquake is going to strike and at what time... That Amy would NOT be difficult for an ET being residing out of time...

I am neither a believer or disbeliever in what ST says or is... ST still has some hurdles to cross with me to believe he is actually a ET. But this is all subjective.. So this is merely my opinion of the facts I absorbed from this thread

Truthseeker aka laughseeker.... Lol.
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