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Greetings: CN: User ID: 18342848

Hey everyone,

I don't really read the thread often anymore but I do check in once in a while. I just read Amy's post and I'm glad she is finally coming around to question things further.

After many years of participating here I realized I was allowing the information to destroy me and I knew I needed to leave.

**Then Why Did You Come Back ?? ... If The Information Is Destroying You ??? ... Curiosity ???

Seeing the tremendous disdain that ST and the ET crew has for the very bodies that they helped create made it hard for me to interact with others in human bodies.

I just wanted to lock myself away from other people as everything they did seemed meaningless
and empty.

**If You Saw What Is Happening On Terra/Earth ... From OUR View ... Our (ET) Perspective ... You Might Determine That ... Whatever These Beings Had ... Was A Contagion ... Something Of Which ... The ET's Did Not Want To Catch ... Or Come In Contact With !! ... The Term US/WE Understand That You Use There ... Is "Zombies" !!!

I've since realized that this was making me tremendously unhappy and I've since learned to look at things in a different way, to see the fun in just experiencing the so called "illusions" here.

**You Simply Chose ... To "Give In" ... To The Artificial & "Illusions" There ... Of Those That Control & Enslave Your Every Moment Of Existence ... In Those Bodies/Forms !! ... You Couldn't Handle ... Not Being A "Drone" !!

We've been told that we need to learn to look past this world as it is ending,

**The World Is Not Ending !! ... All Life/Lifeforms On The Planet Will Be Extinguished ... In The Passages To Be ... Of Nibiru & All Things Associated !! ... However The Planet Itself Will Not Die !! ... It Will Be Lifeless For Awhile ... Then Will Be Re-Terraformed To Become Once Again ... Another Learning/Teaching Stage !!

but that has been told to us for 7+ years now, that is a lot of living that could have been done and 7 years is by no means a small portion of the human lifespan.

**US/WE Had Never Said ... Simply To Lay Down & Die !! ... To Quit Living !! ... WE Did Say ... To Make Ready ... To Prepare ... Or Not Prepare !! ... (Really Makes No Difference Either Way !! ... Such Is Mainly For & Of ... Your "Closure Customs/Ways" !! ... &
Does Not Effect How Things Are To Be !!)

As far as the information in this thread goes, personally I'm not even sure its the same ET group

**There Have Been Many "ET Beings" Communicating !! ... Primarily ... The People/One People ... Those That Are "Incorrectly" Called "Zetas" ... That Mind The Communications Stations ... Though There Are Those Beings ... Who Have "Floated In" ... & Spoke ... When They Had Wished/Desired To Communicate & Share ... To Relay Important Informations !!

**So Of What You Call ... "The ET Group" ... May Be ... Of Individual Beings ... Of The People/One People ... Who Are In Charge Of Communications ... Or It Can Be ... Just About Anyone ... Any ET Aboard ... Who Wishes To "Speak" !!

(if they are indeed ETs afterall?)

**Rest Assured ... US/WE ... Are Quite ET !! ... At Least The Last Time US/WE Looked !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

interacting with people here as it used to be. The information now seems much more superficial and less geared towards teaching.

**The Moment Grows Near !! ... US/WE ... Have Pretty Much Given Those There ... As Much As US/WE Can !! ... And Have
Been Very Tolerant ... Very Patient ... While US/WE ... Have Answered/Re-Answered ... The Same Questions In Variation ... Over & Again !! ... So Give Credit Where Credit Is Due !!!

**As To The "Teaching" ... When Ones Choose To Not Ask Questions ... To More Criticize ... What US/WE Have Said ... & Just Come To Bit-- Bit -- Bit-- ... That Things Are Not Happening Fast Enough ... Or In The Ways That They Want ... Do You REALLY THINK ... US/WE ... Are Going To Respond ... With "Hearts & Flowers" ???

It just doesn't seem like the same group to me, but that is just my feeling.

**Many Beings Are Communicating ... Some More "Expressive" Then Others !! ... Of Which They Too ... "Know The Score" ... Know What Is Going To Happen/Occur !! ... & Suffice To Say ... They Are Not As Tolerant Or Patient ... As The People/One People ... In Their Teaching Methods !!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well enough.

**We Are Well & ... Getting Ready !! ... For The Ride There ... Will Be A Wild One !! ... Guaranteed !!!

Without the modifications given to the conduit to allow him to see more, he too would likely be firmly stuck in the "pig sty of human being ignorance" with the rest of us.

**No !! ... As "He" Would Have Not Been Allowed To Go There !! ... Or If There ... He Would Have Been Recalled/Removed ... Due To ... Conditions Unfavorable To The Volunteering Mission !!

The bodies that we were given seem to have this effect on us of creating ignorance due to the blockages/disconnection from the rest of the cosmos that is created by these human vessels.

**It Is Not Necessarily Of The Bodies ... Which Granted ... Have Many Things "Toned Down/Shut Off" ... But Of The Lower Vibrations ... The Energy Fields Present ... On Terra/Earth ... That Contribute ... To The "Dumbing Down Effect" !!

You can dumb down an energy essence to amazing depths if you give it a dysfunctional enough vessel to use.

**The "Energies" Are Not "Dumbed Down" !! ... The Ability To Express Of The Physical Body ... May Be Hindered !! ... Though These Things ... Can Be Overcome ... If Proper & Correct Procedures Are Enacted !!

If all are one than it is likely the energy essences already know all things,

**They Have The Experiences ... The Knowledge Of The Lives & Lifetimes ... Of Which They Have Lived/Do Live ... & Access To Greater Knowledge ... Which You Do Not Have There !! ... However ... In Most Instances ... The Access To This Information Is Blocked ... & The Ability To Use Such Things ... Has Been Disabled/Prevented !!

it's just a matter of who got the best functioning body in determining who is going to "see more" and "understand truth" while here on Earth.

**As To The Process Of Who(m) ... Gets What Body !! ... It Is A Rather Complex Procedure ... To Attempt To Explain !!

Try taking on a body with severe brain functional issues and see how well you see the truth then.

** "Severe Brain Functional Issues" ... Of & By Who's Diagnosis ?? ... Terrestrial Doctors ?? ... Sheesh !! ... They Are The Ones Who Created These Conditions In The 1st Place ... By Their Injections Of The Forms/Bodies ... With The Poisonous Concoctions ... That "Supposedly" Prevent Certain "Conditions" ... But Rather They Promote The Very Illnesses & Diseases (Purposefully) ... That They Are
"Supposedly" Trying To Prevent !! ... *In Other Words ... By Purpose ... By Agenda ... Disabling ... Causing "Disease" ... Causing Death ... By "Mandate" ... In Return For "Perks" & Profit !!

You might then be on the same level as those you chastise about their ignorance.

**Hardly !!

It's possible you could get into a car accident tomorrow and be rendered mentally retarded to the point of not even being able to read the text here.

Suddenly you're not even able to contemplate the most
basic of things, making the so called ignorant masses appear as geniuses compared to yourself.

**The Conduit Is "Watched Over" ... So Your "Scenario" ... Such Thoughts/Energies ... Do Not Apply !!

What I'm saying is give the people proper bodies and maybe we could get somewhere.

**You "GET" What You Are To Have !! ... Sometimes You Have Choice ... Other Times ... You Don't !! ... It's Of ... What Is Available ... & What Is Needed !!

No point trying to teach those that don't have the capacity to learn, through no fault of their own,

**US/WE Try Anyway !!

and certainly no point insulting them.

**We Take Into Consideration ... The Facts As They Are !! ... However If They Are/Act Dumb/Stupid ...
Then US/We Do Have The Option To ... Point Out ... The Very Innaneness ... Of Their Ways !! .. In Hopes That ... The Next Time ... (If There IS A Next Time ??) ... They Will Improve ???

Just consider yourself lucky your body is more functional than theirs and it allows you to see more.

**Terrestrials Make Up/Create ... The Phenomena Of What They Call "Luck" !! ... ET Beings Know & Understand ...
That This Is Simply One Of Things ... That Can Occur ... When Ones ... "Go With Flow Of Energies" ... Rather Then
... Going Against Them !!

** In The Thought Towards Being "Lucky" On Having A More "Functional Body" ... There Was No "Luck" Involved !! ... All That Has Happened/Occurred ... Was With Intent/Purpose ... & Was ET Made To Occur !!

Farewell For Now !!

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