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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: CN: User ID: 18342848

**In Response To: Lefty: User ID: 26753408 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Ah yes, most of us all wanted dumb bodies and Lefty wanted a smart one.

**Lefty Earned The Right To Pick ... From A Better/Greater Selection !! ... You Evidently Either Did Not Do "Extra Credit" ... Or Simply Chose The Wrong Body ... From The Selections Available !!

Oh wise Lefty, all praise lefty for being wise enough to take the smart body. Pity the stupid morons that took on the limited bodies.

**Taking On The "Limited Bodies" ... Was Either ... Freely Chosen ... Or ... Was Purposefully Assigned !!

I wish everyone could have been wise enough to take on a great body like yourself.

**It Was What Was Chosen Or Assigned !! ... Not OUR (US/WE) Doing !!

Then maybe we wouldn't have so many problems in the world.

**No !!

I'd also like to mention we don't all choose what body to take.

Even ST has mentioned that. Sometimes we're just tossed into one against our wills.

**There Is A Theme Song ... Of A Terrestrial American Detective Television Series ... Baretta

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

.... In Which Is Sung ... Don't Do The Crime ... If You Can't Do The Time !! ... Don't Do It !!

**That Pretty Much ... Says It All !! ... If There Are Those ... That Have Caused Problems On Terra/Earth ... Depending On The Severity Of The Problems ... They Will Either Have Limited Choice ... Or No Choice At All ... As To Which Bodies ... Which Life Forms ... Are Available For Animation !!

Whether that is the case for any particular individual or not remains to be seen after death of the body I suppose.

**Each Collection Of Energies ... Each "Case" ... Is Different !! ... Is Evaluated ... Differently !!

I wonder if maybe you should be given one of the bodies similar to those you degrade.

**The Body/Form ... Has Already Been Created ... & Is Waiting For Animation ... Aboard Ship !! ... It Is ... An Enhanced ... The People/One People Bio Shell/Container !!

I take it you're an older person.

**The Energies That Animate The Male Terrestrial Body In 3rd Density ... On Terra/Earth ... Are ANCIENT !!!! ... Way Beyond ... What You Know Of This Word ... Of What This Describes !!

If the body expires before "soon" actually arrives then maybe the opportunity will arise to cram you into one of those bodies for another go at it?

**No !!

Change of perspective perhaps to enhance understanding?

**No !!

**And As For ... Ourselves (US/WE, The Conduit) Degrading The "Human Body" !! ... It Is Not Degrading Or Insulting To Say/State ... That These Bioforms/Bodies ... That You Call "Human" Were Only Designed To Be ... "Temporary Units/Temporary Bodies" ... To Live In, Work In,
Exist In, Learn In ... While On 3rd Density Terra/Earth !! ... They Were Created With Certain Limitations ... To The Functionability Of Various "Built In" Abilities !! ... These Were Either Shut Off/Shut Down ... Or Not Added In !!

**The Problem Is ... That US/WE ... RECOGNIZE ... That These Forms Were Created To Be Temporary !! ... Those Who Are Not Awakened ... Do Not Wish To ... Nor Want To Acknowledge This Fact !! ... & So They Want To "Hang Onto" Their "Humanness" ... Which Is Only Of That Temporary Created Body Form ... For A Limited "Time" ... & For Specific Use !!

Farewell For Now !!

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