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Greetings: Lefty: User ID: 26731876

ATTITUDE and thought forms are the key, not the human form.

All thoughts are known, doesn't depend on what corporeal bodily form any being takes on to express themselves.

Our history of mankind is what created the various identities of beings throughout history whether correct or not. Mostly mankind expresses the primitive emotions that fog up their thinking. Mankind is chained to their individual thoughts and emotions and that colors their world for them. No matter what comes along to challenge those beliefs/ faiths mankind is ignorant to change
and will hold on to their belief forms until they die. Well...you can't hold other responsible because you see things differently. Our perceptions are added to the collective thought and programming. Not all are going to be subject to that programming and will have a higher awareness to understand truth.

This is why class rooms are graduated, from pre school to college. Not all fit in the same class room of learning.

So you either ask questions about the collective programming if you understand it or else you will be lost and point fingers to those who have the utmost patience to teach a bunch of buffoons, in which mankind is looked upon by some ET species who refuse to wallop in a pig sty of human being ignorance.

**And There Are Those ET Beings ... That Do Not Have The Patience ... In Teaching/Instructing ... That WE ... The People/One People Do !!

**As To The "Pigs" That Are There ... This Was A Terrestrial Genetic Creation ... Noooooo !! ... Not By US/WE !! ... But Rather By "Dabblers" There On Terra/Earth ... Who Wanted To Create A "Hairless Pig Without Tusks" ... From The "Wild Boars" ... That Lifeform ... That Existed On The Planet !!

**Of This ... The "Earth Scientists" ... Who Had No Clue Whatsoever ... "Dabbled" In Genetic Engineering ... & Came Up With This Form ... Of One That Is Not Compatible With The "Human" Bioform/Container ... It's Makeup/Functioning ... Of Which Consumption Of The Flesh Of This "Biologically (Genetically Engineered) Created Animal Form" ... Is The "Watered Down" Source Of The Warning Given ... In Your "Religions" ... About Eating Of Animal Forms That Have "Cloven ("Split") Hooves/Feet !!

**Essentially The "Copycat Terrestrial Scientific Idiots" ... Created A (No Intended Insult To "Pigs" Intended !!) ... Monstrosity !!! ... By Combining ... "Human DNA" ... With "Wild Boar DNA" ... & Came Up With ... A Being Who's Flesh While Being Consumed ... Is Part Of The Terrestrial "Human" Makeup ... Which Does Not Digest/Break Down Properly ... & Causes Numerous Problems When "Processing" Through The "Human Body" !!

**It Is No Wonder ... Of This Creation Of Eating It's Flesh ... The "Human Body" Rejects It ... Of Which The Substance Of This ... Does Not Break Down Properly ... This Stagnates Within The Colonic Tissue ... Of Which Natural Biological Agents Form ... To Break Down The Substances ... That Are Toxic To The Body ... Attacking Both The "Pig DNA" & The "Human DNA" ... (As The "Pig" Was Created
With "Human DNA") ... & That Is What Causes (1) Form Of "Cancer" !!

**Of Course All The Hormones, Poisons/Chemicals ... That Are Injected Internally ... & Applied Externally ... Such As In Pesticides ... Also Promote The Breakdown Of The "Human Body" ... As When The Flesh Of The Being Is Consumed ... All These Poisons/Toxins ... Go Along For The Ride !!

**The "Pig Sty" Is A Misnomer For The Most Part !! ... As If This Being ... The "Pig" Is Kept In A Clean Environment ... It Will Keep Itself Clean !! ... Such
Is The Way Of Nature !! ... However ... If Given An Environment ... By Those Who Raise These "Animal Forms" For Profit ... & Really Don't Care ... So Long As They Are "Fattened Up" & Can Be Sold For Slaughter ... For Their Body/Body Parts ... Then ... The Creature Has No Choice ... Other Then Accepting ... Of That Which Is Provided For Them/To Them !!

**So The Correct Terminology Would Be More To Say ... "Dirty Farmer" ... "Dirty Corporate Greedy Farmer" !!

As far as I can remember in this particular life I have been involved in the search since about 8 years old. Many, many years ago.

Not new on the path at all, in reality actually quite ancient as some of the others on the thread who remember their

**Understand !! ... US/WE ... The Energies With The Conduit ... Were ALL Involved ... Long Long LONG BEFORE ... Terra/Earth ... "Sol # 3" ... Was Even A Thought ... Before It Was Even Created ... From Swirling Gasses ... Brought Together ... To Form What Is Called ... "A World" !!

Farewell For Now !!

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