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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 1812700

**Part # 1 Of 2 **

hello again, "Extraterrestrial Creator Being" team!

so you came to this forum, to communicate with those that telepathically know that you are real?

**No !!

do they have special implants which make that possible?

**Of Each & Every One ... For The Reasons/Journeys To Terra/earth ... Their Individual Volunteering Missions, Ect. ... This Information Is Private ... & Only Accessible ... Of/For Those ... Who Are Involved In/With ... Such Contacts & Procedures !!

debunking means to disprove?

**This & Much More ... Of Your "Attempts" ... To Cause "Problems" !!

I would not presume myself capable of proving or disproving the validity of what you have been saying.

**Agreed !! ... You Are Not Qualified !! ... You Do Not Have The Necessary Informations !!

I'm just saying this is a pretty huge leap of faith I have been making, having believed what you have been claiming and my own deep inner voice is saying that it's actually disinformation.

**Your "Inner Voice" Is That Which You Created ... Of Your Thoughts !! ... Your Own "Non Believing" & "Self Doubts" !!

I would not expect you to say who you really are,

**WE Have Stated This ... "Time & Again" !! ... You Simply Do Not Want To Listen ... Nor Understand !!

which is exactly the same as Nancy, except with better crafted responses.

**Hardly !!!

"she" wouldn't admit to what "she" is any sooner than "you" would.

**Ready Our Previous Response !! ... We Have Honestly Stated !! ... But You Cannot Accept !! ... Your Problem !! ... Not Ours !!!

if you were true omnipotent extraterrestrials,

** "Omnipotent Extraterrestrials" ???

than I would expect that you would recognize who I am and be recognicant of the dialogue we have already been having, over the course of these last 5+ years.

**US/WE Do !! ... & Rather ... US/WE ... Are Not In The Habit Of "Bowing" ... Especially When Certain Ones ...
Have A Tendency To ... Attempt To Irritate !!

it's as though you are not only disrespectful but ignorant as well!!

**US/WE ... Tend To Ignore ... "Self Made" Or "Terrestrial Created Titles" ... That Proclaim Their Intelligence ... Their Learning ... Their "Expertise" ... In Subjects, Matters ... Of Which They Have No Clue About !! ...

**It Is Rather Like The (Overused) Terrestrial "Doctor" (Dr.) Title ... Acquired Or Given/Bestowed ... Of Individuals Who Are Not ... "Practicing" (Emphasis On "Practicing" !!) Terrestrial Physicians !! ... Simply Another "Terrestrial Ego Massage" ... Of Which They
Feel Makes Them ... Someone Important ... & Increases Their "Life Standing/Income" !!

you are joking about abducting me and changing my form.

**US/WE Can Do It ... & Have !! ... Though It Is Not "Abducting" ... But Rather ... "Borrowing To Increase The Ability Of The Recipient ... Towards Valuable Lessons That Are Presented/Given !!

I could just play along but in Truth, it's just not something that I can consider realistic, so if you are real, make me a pair of wings, on my back that will enable me to fly.

**Be Careful What You Request/Wish For !!!

considering your capabilities and the unrestrictions of time, in your dimension, that should be quite easy to do within a week, Earth time!

**From OUR Perspective ... You Can Have Your "Wings" ... Before You Even ... Asked The Question !! ... The Request ... (Based Of A "Demand For Proof") ... Will Have To Go Through ... The Necessary Channels !!

thanks ST if you can do that, you are REAL!!

**US/WE ... Do Not Have To Prove Ourselves ... To You ... Or To Anyone !! ... We Know Who We Are ... & That We Exist !! ... Such "Challenges" To ... What Is Said ... To Demand Proof ... & Cloaking This In ... Do This Or That ... & I Will Believe You ... Are Often Ignored ... Just Of
The Demand Aspect Alone !!

just a simple pair of wings is all I ask! not KFC either! full size, on my back so I can fly!

**Again ... Do Be Careful ... Of What You Ask For ... What You Want ... (Or Think You Want !!) ... As For What Is Needed ... Things Do Not Always Turn Out ... The Way That One Expects !!

they won't have any doubts when they see me fly. I will fly around the world with my new wings ST, so thanks for the
improvement, if you are real, just do it!

**See Previous !!

(Lord Anu) he's not part of "the team"?

**Lord Anu ("Father") ... Is The Last & Final Word !!

I can communicate with him through the conduit!

**The Energies Of His Son ... EA/Enki ... May & Do Communicate With His Father ... Lord Anu !! ... You May Attempt To Communicate With Lord Anu ... Of These Energies ... & Through The Conduit ... Which Houses These Energies & Others !!

hey Lord Anu, hook a brother up with some wings,
to herald the transformation of humankind! thanks dawg!

**High Respect Is Commanded ... Is Expected ... When Lord Anu Is Addressed !! ... "Flippancy" Is Regarded As Insultive !! ... You Do Not Want To Insult ... Nor Rile ... Make Angry ... This Being !!

that would also be sufficient evidence for me, if you could send the same entity (That Waved To The "Christ Chrunchie") to wave at me. I would probably shit myself

**You Probably Would !!!

so he might find humor in that, lol.

**Perhaps !!

**End Of Part # 1 Of 2 **

Farewell For Now !!

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