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Poster Handle Truthseeker
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Greetings: Truthseeker: User ID: 26709283

**In Response To Amy: User ID: 26711581 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!


Im glad you're coming around to seeing the bigger picture, and to identify your own truth...

**They Are Just ... "Venting Their Frustrations" !! ... As If The Conduit ... Doesn't Have His OWN Frustrations ... In Waiting For The Changes To Happen/Occur !! ... Just Because We're "Awakened ET Energies" Within A Terrestrial 3rd Density Body ... Doesn't Mean ... That US/WE Can't Be Frustrated Also !!

To others who may be at the crossroads of belief:>

**It Was Their Own ... "Letting Off Steam" !! ... Not Of/For You ... To Use ... As A "Rallying Call" !!

Anything, ANYONE asks you to believe with evidence is called FAITH!!! - which amounts to religion!... no matter how much data you have. Nibiru, is just another "faith" object... until it appears in the sky of course.... lol.

**Even When It Does "Appear In The Sky" ... You'll Deny It !! ... Or EVEN If You Would See It ... You Would Be Too Busy To Dwell On The FACT ... Attempting To Run/Take Cover ... To Save Your Own Life !!

So no need in waiting for something that may/ may never come... that's a wasted life.

**Use The Moments As You Will !! ... The Linear/Artificial "Fake Time" There ... Will Soon Be Up !! ... Those There Have Been So Forewarned !!

I have come to believe that LOVE is the key to a great life. Love everyone, no racism, no hierarchy, no class differences... just pure love.

**Clueless !!! ... Those On Terra/Earth ... Toss Around These "Buzz Words" ... Without Having Any Idea ... What These Things Represent !!

And if I am angry... instead of hate, I PITY... cos those that choose to do "wrong" are just angry or upset with the
world... trying to figure out this crazy place as well..

**You Have No Idea ... And Are Trying To "Figure It All Out" ... Along With The Rest Of The ... "Non Awakened Ones" There !!

All the talk about 4D / 5D and 8D ... my goodness, where is the factual references for all of that?? -

**Such Things Are More ... "Easier Understood "Labels" ... For Things ... Which In ... "ET Scientific Language" You Would Not Understand ... Nor Comprehend !! ... Even In "Basic Language" ... There Is Difficulty !!

that is just some new-age mumbo jumbo...

**No ... The Translation ... To Have Such Things Be Understood ... In Your "Lower Level Of Understanding/Comprehension" ... Is Quite Difficult !!

no different to any religion i have studied... and i have studied a lot of different religion.

**That's The Problem !!

People need to stop being so gullible,..

**No Not "Gullible" ... But Rather ... They Need To Awaken From Their Slumber ... To Be Aware ... Of Who & What They Really Are !!

Not saying the aren't any entity's out there beyond our comprehension...

**Well ... At Least You Can Concede That Point !!

I'm just saying when ANYONE tries to quantify the unknown... with more "FAITH" stuff... all they have is a theory... no FACTS!

** "Facts" Are Not Necessary Of Those Things ... Which You Can ... "Hold In Your Hand" ... Nor Are These Things ... Which Can Be Easily & Readily Explained ... To Ones Who Do Not Understand "Basics" ... Of How Things Are ... Of How They Exist !!

**Also US/WE ... Will Simply Ignore Those ... Who Demand ... That We Give Them ... What They Want !!


Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG

Hi ST,

I never meant to offend, but from reading your response it seems that you where.. I thought that we had agreed to disagree, and present points that could be validated... and leave the rest up to perception (albeit convoluted)

You speak of Love not being a factor.. then please quantify desire? .. what is it that drove the creator beings to create in the first place??

What caused the source to emanate?

As I said in earlier posts, you seem to know a lot - straight of Sitchin and other ET contactees.. BUT, the litmus test for me is NOT what you SAY.... but what you represent ...and how that translates into EVIDENCE!

I read most of your posts.. with remarks like " MOST CURIOUS?" and others like it... How does a ET, living in 4D, be CURIOUS!! -yet lives outside of time... that is MOST CURIOUS.

I have come to the conclusion, that you ARE NOT ET, you are very intelligent in terms of the subjects produced... BUT NOTHING any human who has enough interest in a subject can produce. --- So Dear ST, my personal test for you being ET.. has FAILED!!! epically.

Wish you well..

Im out of here...

Truthseeker .... found Truth in I AM.
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