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Poster Handle VVizz of Ur
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I have come to the conclusion, that you ARE NOT ET,
 Quoting: ST In BG

They are. They did post information only a few on Earth do known, which is not written in books, but which is recognized by those who are able to recognise.

I stated many times, only a few things, due to my nature and my limited possibilities at the moment in my shell, are contradictory, but I think those contradictions will disappear when words are not needed, as at moments it is difficult to explain such things as live, love and what people do call God.

I can complete understand why time is shifting all the time in this linear timeframe, because a lot of energies are involved, and when things do not happen in time, there is a reason. On of those reason are the fact that some on Earth want a little delay for a specific reason.

Neitherless is is very confuzing for pro and contra. Especially for the Elite. Can You imagine how they hide, duck and then say, well, it was nothing, oh, back to life.
Then hide and duck again, because they do expect this time it happens. If you ever did fight, you known, a good fighter makes moves, not only to hit. Sometimes, moves are made, to distract the opponent to exactly that point he can be hit and be taken out.

I prefer to see rather a clean 2012, with no passage of PX.
Actually, I want to see, hmmm, some cleaning. Because inside, I feel the injustice against this planet, the plants, the animals and those who did respect this planet.
It would be too sweet to let them just switch to 4D.

Maybe before all this happens, I can still convince, in this form or my other form, to do so.

We see.

All the Best,

VVizz of Ur
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