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ST In BG's Posting from another Tjread:

Thread: Heyle (hay-lale'} is the Hebrew name for Lucifer (Page 2)

User ID: 27070878
United States
11/05/2012 09:11 PM



"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High. But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit."

**A Telling Of What Really Happened ... Without The "Religious Watered Down" Condensing ... Misunderstandings & Mistranslations !!

**This Is A Summery ... Of What Happened ... Of Your Ancient Times ... Over 500,000 Of Your Terrestrial Years Ago ... Of The Planet Maldek With It's Moon Malona Or ... Lucifier: The Light Giver/Light Bringer With It's Moon Lilith !!

**The Planet Maldek Or Lucifier: The Light Bearer/Light Giver ... Was Seen As A "Dawn Star" From Terra/Earth !! ... It Was Of 3rd Density Staging ... Inhabited By Lifeforms Such As Yourselves .. A Similar Atmosphere ... Similar Environment !!

**This Planet Existed In The 5th Orbit ... Or 7th Orbit (Depending Upon Approach).

**It's Citizens For The Most Part ... Were Benign ... & Of The Soil ... Of The Planet ... Connected To This !! ... There Were All Kinds Of Occupations & Trades ... Trade Unions & Guilds As It Were !!

**Many There Were Happy & Content Individuals !! ... However There Were Those Also There ... Who Were Of Energies Of The Old Orion Empire ... The Empire That Was Overthrown In Ancient Times ... That Which Wanted/Desired To Control & Enslave ... To "Rule With The Iron Fist" & Allow Only Those Freedoms Which They Allowed !!

**In This There Were Those Who Were Of "Scientific Intent" ... Who Sided With Those Who Desired This Control Over All Things !! ... They Developed Ways & Experimented With/In ... Weapons Of Mass Destruction ... 1st To Be Used Against It's Citizens ... Then ... To Expand Their Conquest Outwards ... Toward Other Planets/Worlds Within The Sol Solar System ... Then Still Outward ... To Conquer & Subugate Other Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes & Beyond !!

**In One Such Experimentation ... The Design Was To Build & Explode A True Hydrogen Bomb !!

**Those Experimenting Were Visited & Warned By "Space Intelligences" ... That What They Were Doing Would Blow Up Their Planet ... As Hydrogen Was In All Living Things !!

**Those Who Desired Power & Control ... To Conquer & Enslave Others Did Not Listen !! ... They Went Ahead !! ... The End Did Not Take Long !! ... The Flash Of The Explosion & The Chain Reaction !! ... Within Moments The Planet Exploded Outward ... Ripped Apart !! ... To Become Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, Comets, Rubble, Space Debris !! ... Of Which This Is Of Your Day ... An Asteroid Belt In Your Solar System !!

**The Energies Of The Beings Of That World ... Were Instantly Disembodied !!

**Of A Decision Rendered/Made ... It Was Decided ... To Allow/Permit Those Disembodied Energies ... To Come To Terra/Earth ... The Only Other 3rd Density Staging Ground In The Sol Solar System !!

**The Energies Of These Beings ... Went Into Living Beings ... Disposing/Pushing Back ... Energies That Already Were Animating The Bodies ... "Taking Over" As It Were ... & Also Animating Newly Created Young Bodies !!

**The Energies Of Those "Ancient Orion Empire Energies" ... Of Those That Desired Power, Control & Wanted To Conquer All Things ... Did Not Learn The Lessons Of Their Former World ... Of Their Dabbling & Blowing It Up !! ... These Same Ones ... Went Into Areas/Fields Which Involved The Sciences ... & They Began Again ... With Their Experiements !!

**It Was In The Very Creation Of The Hydrogen Bomb On Terra/Earth ... That The Space Intelligences Vistited & Warned Once Again ... What Would Happen If They Used "Pure Hydrogen" !! ... This Time Fortunately ... They Were Listened To ... As Isotopes Of Hydrogen (Not Pure !!) Was Used !! ... Which Saved A Similar Castrophie/Fate !!

**These Power Hungry/Power Mad Beings/Energies ... Of The Ancient Orion Empire ... Who Resided On The Last Outpost Of That Empire Which Was Overthown ... Wanted To Reestablish The Old Orion Empire ... & Rise Up From The Ashes As It Were ... To Conquer, Enslave & Destroy !! ... Using Maldek/Lucifer As A "Base/Jumping Off Point" !! ... Their Plans Were Thwarted By Blowing Up Their Planet !! ... Of Which Of These Energies ... This Did Not Seem To Matter Much ... As It Was Felt ... Whatever Form They Went Into ... They Simply Would Continue On ... With Their Goals, Plans, Agendas !!

**So The Fear Of "Scientists" ... This Comes From What Happened On Maldek/Lucifier ... This Planet !! ...

... & It Is Also The Origins Of ... The Fear Of "Witches" ... Of Those Who Dabbled/Practiced The Termed "Black Arts" (So Named For Those Who Used Natural Energies ... Natural Methods ... To Hurt & Harm Others !! ... To Control Them ... To Use Them For Their Selfish & Power Mad Purposes !!

**It Is Said On Terra/Earth ... That Only One Rotten Apple Spoils The Bunch !! ... And This Was So On Maldek/Lucifier ... Where There Were Ones Who Wished Personal Power & Control Over Others ... Who "Dabbled" With Energies ... Natural & Otherwise ... Who Were Able To Control & Even Kill Of These Ways !!

**These Energies ... Along With Others Trying To Conquer & Enslave ... Were Unfortunately Included With Those Who Came To Terra/Earth !!

**The "Memories" Of Life On Maldek/Lucifier ... Of Those Who Were To Blame ... Those That Were Responsible ... This Was The Origins Of The "Fears" Of People/Beings ... Who Took Up These Ways On Terra/Earth !! ... Branding Everyone Of Their Fears ... Guilty For What Had Happened !! ... & There Were Also Ones Who Were Guilty ... Who "Pointed The Fingers" At The Innocents ... So As To Defer The Blame Onto Others ... Anyone But Themselves !!

**On Maldek/Lucifier ... There Were The Ones Who Experimented With All Due Cautions ... Who Were Not Responsible For The Calamities !! ... Such As There Were Those Healers/Herbalists ... Who Healed The Sick ... Cured All Sickeneses & Wounds ... Who Were Known For The Gentleness & Kindness Towards All Living Things !!

**It Was Of The Memories & Fears ... Of Those Who Caused The Death Of That World ... Which Condemend Many On Terra/Earth ... Who Were Innocent Of Crime/Misdoings ... To Death !! ... & This One Event ... Of What Really Happened ... Has Held Back The Growth & Understanding ... Of Those On Terra/Earth !! ... The Psychic Shock" That Still Remains !!

Farewell For Now !!

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