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User ID: 27070878
United States
11/05/2012 10:42 PM

Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 17135127

Why was Atlantis sunk?

Atlantis sunk in the notion of progress by foolish scientists.

Despite the caution of Thoth to not continue they continued and flipped the poles, soon came the sinking of Atlantis

**The Last Vestigates ... The Last Remains Of Aztlan (Not "Atlantis" (Which Is Anglesized) ... Was Due To (2) Factors !!

1. The Misuse Of The Energies Of "The Great Crystal" ... A Huge Crystal That Was Created With The Help Of Extraterestrial Beings ... Which Was Used To Harness & Direct Solar Energy Waves ... To Power Their Civiliaztion !!

It Was Of Use Of This Great Crystal ... By Those Who Sought To Conquer & Rule Over Others ... To Send A Beam Of Energy Through Terra/Earth ... To China ... To Bend These People To Their Will ... That Set Off The Fires Beneath Their Lands !! ... This Awakened The Ancient Volcanoes ... Of Which Caused Along With The Volcanic Explosions ... Great & Giant Earthquakes ... That Shook Their Lands Up & Down !!

Many Who Took Heed To The Warning Of Thoth (Pronounced "Tote" Like In Tote Bag) ... & Went Him To The Land Of Khem (Egypt) & Others To Excape These Lands ... To Flee To Other Lands ... Of What Was To Befall Their Home !!

**Note: There Were Also Of Volunteers ... Who Of Knowing What Was Going To Happen To Their Land ... That It Was Going To Sink ... Go Beneath The Waters) ... Who Agreed To Be Changed/Altered Into Water Breathers !! ... These Changed/Altered Aztlantians Were Of Their Descendants (Who Exist/Live Of Your Day !!) Were Called Mer-People !! ... Mer Refering To The Sparkling Blue Waters ... Also Meaning Below ... Full Meaning ... Those Who Live/Exist Below & Within ... The Sparkling Blue Waters !!

Many Excaped By Boat ... By Raft ... By Any Craft Or Way That They Could !! ... By Walking To Other Lands ... Of Which The Land At That Time ... The Last Parts Of It ... The Area Of The Capital-City State Of Aztlan "Posid" Or "Posidius" Was Still Intact & Above The Waters ... & Attached To Other Dry Lands !!

There Were Those Who Believed That ... Nothing Was Going To Happen ... Or They Did Not Want To Leave Their Homes ... Their Lands ... To Journey Into The Unknown !! ... They Felt They Were Safe There !! ... Until ... The Rumblings Began !! ... Then Panic Set In !! ... Everyone Wanted To Leave At Once !!

The Ground Shook Violently !! ... The Volcanoes Exploded !! ... People Went Mad !! ... Screamed & Ran To Temples ... To Sanctuaries ... Which Crumbled & Fell Before Their Eyes !! ... Huge Blocks Of Limestone & Other Buiding Materials Fell Down ... Crushing People Beneath Their Weight !! ... There Was Nowhere To Run ... Nowhere To Hide !!

Then Of Those That Felt Perhaps That The Worst Was Over ... That Their Lands Would Stop Shaking ... Would Subside ... Those That Survived ... Found Another Threat !! ... The Waters Came Up Upon Their Land ... Their Land Was Sinking Beneath The Waters !! ... Of Those That Felt They Were Going To Survive ... Their End Was Near !!

The Surface Was Washed Clean !! ... People Went Into The Waters ... At That Time ... Of The Great Upheavals ... The Land Had Now Broken Off From Others ... Many Tried To Swim ... To Be Sucked ... Pulled Down Into The Waters ... The Suction Caused By The Land Going Under !! ... Sinking Gradually ... Then Ever Faster Beneath The Waves ... Which Were Colored Reddish & Full Of Remains Of Plants ... Floating On The Surface !!

The Thick Mud, Dirt, Debris ... The Remains Of The Last Vestiges/Parts Of Aztlan ... This Was Settling To The Bottom ... But There Was Enough Left On The Surface ... To Become A Navigation Hazard ... & This Is What Is Recorded In Navigational & Historical Accounts ... As A Place To Be Avoided ... Due To The Possiblity Of Colliding With Submerged Lands !!

2. Of The Other Factor Of That "Time" ... This Was Of The Passage Of Nibiru ... Which Caused A Complete Change Of Land/Water Masses Of The Planet !! ... It Is Of Nibiru (& All Things Associated) Which Was Kept Track Of ... In A Rounded Astronomical Recording ... Used To Gage/Predict The Return Of The Great Destroyer !! ... That Which When It Passed By ... Tore Off/Ripped Off Part Of Their Lands !!

The Astronomical Recordings ... The Rounded Stone Record Was Taken To South America By Preservers Of Their Sciences ... Of Which Ziggeruts ... Astromical Obsrvatories Were Created ... To Continue The Studying & Mapping Of The Stars & Stellar Phenomena ... & Especially To Continue With The Watching Of/For ... The Return Of ... The Great Destroyer (Nibiru) !!

Farewell For Now !!

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