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Poster Handle RightNut
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This post is being posted because of Wispy. However, most of you need to understand these words.

Wispy's post regarding her asking the ET's as to who would win the election.

I went threw a similur situation with ST. However, I have never spoke of this with anyone...including the ET's.

Not long ago nasa sent another toon town toy to Mars. They call it "curiosity".

I was yucking it up with ST about the time nasa's ttt was to touch down on Mars.

ST made a statement giving me the understanding this toy will not be landing on Mars. He did not say why nor did he elaborate. My understanding was just simply the toy will not be landing on that planet.

Well according to all my avenues of toon town news...the toy did land and everybody is happy....except....the Nut.

At first I was hurt and angry. How come he lied to me? How could be so wrong? This is the first time I have felt like the IF IF man.

If he could of been wrong about this...what about the rest of it? Nibiru and all associated. This also put into question all of the other issues he explains. Yes, Nut was confused....so was Righty (there are two of me...yet we are one) for that matter.

Now remember...this is all new to ST. He will understand for the first time when he reads this post.

I struggled with this for a while. Until I found out that this toon town toy they call curiosity never did make it to Mars.

I do not know where it is, but I did find out it is not on Mars.

I do not know much about the joke we preform every 4 years called an election, but I do have enough sense to figure that the president in office was put in office by tptb. He is the one they need to be in office.

The flip side is...if you live in this country...WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU VOTE THE SAME NumbNut in office after what he has done in his first term? You wouldnt, unless your brain dead.

My point here is the only votes the incumbent got was from the brain dead class. Down the road some..when we finally learn the truth..we will find out that mitt actually won by popular vote.

For those of you who struggle with what ST says and what he means....JOIN THE CLUB.

As a matter of fact...ST just posted something the other day a few of us need clarification on. But this is a private matter and will not be asked on a public forum.

I realize I am getting long winded, but the bottom line is we humans quite literally understand next to NOTHING.

On top of that we are being dumbed down and understanding even the simpler issues is getting more difficult.

I...like many of you have gotten angry at ST and his crew for many reason, but eventually figured out why they did what they did to anger me. Remember I have been here longer than most of you. Furthermore I understand them better than most of you...yet I still understand them very little.

Reality is this. Humans are NOT a very intelligent species. Cunning and deceitful yes. Intelligent NO!

This is besides our emotions getting in the way of understanding.

I hope I have made my self clear enough. I realize sometimes my thoughts are hard to understand.

I hope this helps...
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