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Poster Handle NightWisp
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I am sorry. It was just one of those questions that zip by in the mind at the time.
I know that Romney/ Obama are both the same. I voted for Ron Paul , Herman Cain, Allen Keyes, even Allen West for VP Because I knew others were the same.

What hurt was this. I trusted you. And then to believe I had been lied to, severed that trust. And It hurt. And I felt like nothing was true then.

Once a lies shatters faith and trust, it is hard to accept anything else from the source.

I kept feeling the votes were a game. Rigged. they did not add up. It was called before even the polls were closed and votes counted.

And then Romney threw in the towel. Without a question of count or recount.

It all stunk from the time they shafted Ron Paul.

I am sorry for being a crybaby. But my thoughts last night
when I went to bed were this....

Time to shut the door on the ark. There is nothing more left to save. All is on board that is ready to go.....


 Quoting: NightWisp

Wispy, I think ST knows. Thanks for clearing the air. I know how you feel. I started to say something on the thread that Obama was going to get in. Perhaps it is like ST decribes about the movie "Deep Impact". I knew and heard a saying about the 'last Black Pope'. That once his reign was in place, he would be the last before the earth changes. That he was protected. What all this last Black Pope is about goes back a long, long time. It means leader/president, etc. I watch, learn and think.

I would suggest to ask for clarification/explanation as you are learning from the TT. Some I understand, most I don't, but I do give it consideration.
 Quoting: Lefty 27284099

Oh yes. Barack the magic Negro is protected alright. No one else would have gotten away with his crap. Why he is protected is beyong me. We need to be protected from him.
The world will end with or without him. Prophecy is only those out of time telling us in time what happened. Nothing mysterious about that. Monday morning quarterbacking.
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