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I got it. Yup. I did. Question is.. why are the ETs going along with it. Because of a movie script? Why have TPTB not been brought to justice? why are they allowed to keep on with this garbage?

Supposedly.. I was handed the laws to run civilization and gave it to the people to live by. But it seems, they are not enforcing it. Why did we bother? Laws were never made for a honest righteous man. And the ones who it was made to curtail, flaunt it. With impunity. And the more they can corrupt them... the better.

The ark was used to save mankind. And this is the mess we have left of that effort. Again. Why did we bother?

The end is coming to the planet of sorrows. No one will be left. Again. why did we bother?

We were just bored on a peaceful planet that we came here for the D ticket ride? And destroyed the place. The entity earth. Why did we?

 Quoting: NightWisp

Hi Wispy - it is frustrating isn't it. I remember nearly yelling at ST when I first came onto this forum years back. But, truth sometimes takes time to sink in fully.

Everything happening now is history anyway, right? 4d Terra is already formed and waiting. 3d Terra is already resting, er I think:-) There is no reason for the ET's to change history when the outcome is the same? It's already happened basically. Earth is probably jubilant at the prospect of what is to happen, what has already happened. We knew all this when we came here.

"We" didn't destroy the planet - TPTB did. We were sheeple led by the nose because we didn't "know" any better. 3D limitations ya know. "We" (you/me) recycled our wastes, loved our animals, thankful for what we got basically.

As for laws, I think the laws given to man were corrupted by greedy select church elders and those that run the court systems - to enslave, enrich those that benefit, etc..

Ya know, i just saw a very very cool movie - total mind blower with Tom Hanks. It's called Cloud Atlas. Basically it shows Tom Hanks in several phases of "time", time that was not linear, that was happening at the same time, yet connected to each time phase. Sure wish I could get a better grasp of what time was, but alas, next level of understanding:-)

Anyhow, that movie seemed to click in me that I could understand why we would choose to come here at any time period. If you think of complications and slimplicities of life/living, and how it would be "nice" to just live an existence elsewhere as somebody in a simpler time, simpler life - or just the opposite. Exciting, challenging, scary..... It seems to me that life is more than "just lessons", that its experiences, remembering, re-remembering.... Kind of like remembering when you were a child, and how you had no bills, and your mom kissed your booboos, and life was sooo much simpler as a child:-)

Well, I'm starting to ramble. Hope you don't mind.

Of course, I look forward to any additional info ST would add:-)

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