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Wisppppy you're somehow still not getting it? It doesn't matter whether it is Obama, Romney, or a potato "selected" as the "president". TPTB put their agendas to work regardless. They are given their scripts by TPTB, they are not acting of their own accord. Why are you not getting it?

You're still playing some sort of fake left/right battle...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18342848

I got it. Yup. I did. Question is.. why are the ETs going along with it. Because of a movie script? Why have TPTB not been brought to justice? why are they allowed to keep on with this garbage?

Supposedly.. I was handed the laws to run civilization and gave it to the people to live by. But it seems, they are not enforcing it. Why did we bother? Laws were never made for a honest righteous man. And the ones who it was made to curtail, flaunt it. With impunity. And the more they can corrupt them... the better.

The ark was used to save mankind. And this is the mess we have left of that effort. Again. Why did we bother?

The end is coming to the planet of sorrows. No one will be left. Again. why did we bother?

We were just bored on a peaceful planet that we came here for the D ticket ride? And destroyed the place. The entity earth. Why did we?

 Quoting: NightWisp

I agree with everything you've said above and ask the same questions. It still makes no sense to me and never has. TPTB have been doing this for thousands, maybe tens of thousands of years or longer. They've never been removed to this point so I'm fairly doubtful it'll happen now either. Lots of talk of it happening with no action. Meanwhile TPTB make use of their seemingly unlimited time by continuously moving us closer and closer to complete slavery, drop by drop. They'll get us there soon enough at this rate. I can't even imagine how fast their technological discoveries must be accelerating by this point. Exponential is the word that comes to mind.

Oh well, maybe we won't have the mental capability left to question or worry about it soon, much like the zombies around us. Slavery isn't so bad when you think you're free.
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