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Hello everyone :D
I have been reading through a couple posts and am very interested after seeing so many theories of how everything is going to play out in the next month. After researching much I thought it would be best to ask someone who knows exact truth.

What will happen on Dec. 21st? (or days, seconds, before or after the event) Or is it true everyone will experience it in their own way.

I see a lot of articles of Ascension to a new reality with a higher level of conscious and with it, new-found abilities of "non-limitation". Would that be close?

I know about the Illuminati and pretty much how the run almost everything that goes on in the world. How are they related to that date? Why exactly do the brainwash people to steer them from the truth of such peace and higher conscious. Why do they not want people aware and instead trapped in an illusion?

DMT. What are your views on usage of the DMT molecule to experience higher dimensional being? I have not done it yet but am Very interested in it; but wary. With that said, mushrooms/psychedelics? Cannabis?

I am practicing meditation now and enjoying life much more now that I know the secrets kept from us. I try to convince the ones oblivious to the truth. I wish they could see but they simply deny fact. Why would be the easiest way to enlighten them? It hurts to see family and friends suffering through this controlled illusion.

Curiosity is taking me so far and it's hard to find the actual truth..
 Quoting: Tybo

A thought popped up into my mind reading your post, it may seem that in a way this is actually good thing that we never find absolute truth (which would give answer to anything), because then the goal of current embodiment would be achieved and would cause a standstill to progress any further with remaining moments of linear time...

But this is just a thought, after some hours I may have different take on this ;)

At least it is good to be aware.. to look at stuff with different perspective.. to question anything.. to find this thread.. to feel the progress towards finding truth.

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