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Poster Handle NightWisp
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Yesterday I got angry reading the link Truth2 posted for ST in BG. The link was to explain how this ridiculous holiday came to be we call thanksgiving.

It totally perplexes the Nut that we humans can do such a thing.

What really gets my goat is that 400 years later we "humans" have not advanced past such a thing. Fact is 400 years later we are still killing our neighbors for any reason they choose to. I say they...cuz Nut is not a part of there stupidity. Nor are some of you.

In the past some of you have given me a hard time because I want this nightmare to end. It may of surprised you of my wants and desires. But you surprise me for wanting this pathetic existence to CONTINUE.

Humans have learned how to kill our planet as effectively as we kill our brothers and sisters and there children. We have now learned how to kill the surrounding air that engulfs our once lovely planet. Sooooooonnnnnnn we will learn how to kill that which is currently beyond our ability to kill. Fear not because we will eventually learn how to kill and destroy that which we currently can not.

It is obvious to anyone wanting to see that the only real capability and desire of humans is to rape pillage and plunder anything we put our hands to. Yet, some of you keep asking for more time. The ET's against Nuts will keeps helping save this pathetic race from destruction. Which is another rant that needs to be done. You ET's are prolonging the time we have to stay and wallow in this shit.

It is time for ALL of you ET's and humans alike to focus on bringing this slow death to a close. Not keeping it open for further heart ache and pain.

Humans are a species not worthy to be allowed to continue. The reason is simple and you all know it.

Humans will never quit destroying & killing.

I have said it before and I will say it again. END IT NOW!!

 Quoting: RightNut 27845589

I take it, that it isn't human energies doing this, but the energies of those of Maldek who were allowed to come here after they destroyed their world. Their energies seem to run to rule or ruin. When they came here, they have problems with absolute rule, so now they ruin.

Since they cannot escape, perhaps they think, if they destroy another planet, they will be given another to destroy by those who dumped them here.

I guess that is one way to rule the galaxy. destroy one planet at a time until you run out of them.

I guess that works out fore the Maldekians. But it doomed the humans.
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