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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: NightWisp: User ID: 25023241

11/17/2012 10:12 PM

Greetings ST and orneries.

I am glad you are getting stronger and not as sick.

**Thank You !! ... Most Appreciated !!

I am sorry for venting like I did. I must be Lord Anu's kin somewhere along the line. I have a terrible temper.

**Understand !!

Between grief for Woogie and frustration for TPTB and their treasonous and maniacal power control games, I was very upset. I was hoping for some peace before the end.

**Hmmm !!

I know they have a sad end coming. Like the old saying. The good die young and the evil lives forever. They do with the
replicant technology. But they will be held accountable.

**Yep !!

But I cannot stand that evil smirk on Obama's face and want to slap it off. Whatever Lola wants. Lola gets. Just substitute Obama for Lola.

**Hmmm !!

We were just bored on a peaceful planet that we came here for the D ticket ride?

**The "D Ticket Ride" ???

Long ago. In Disneyland the D ticket ride was the most elaborate and most popular rides. Later changed to E Ticket status. The most unique, highly tech, fun filled ride. The ultimate ride !!

**Ok ??

Tiamet/Earth vs Nibiru is the Ultimate Universal E ticket ride.

**It Will Be !!

11/22/2012 09:51 PM

ST. Thank you. For I remember once going there (Mazar/Mars).

**Indeed ... You Did !!

From the receiving area done a long walkway to a large underground hall.

It was hard to breathe as air was thin and was cold..

**Yes ... Without "Back Up Oxygen" ... & Climatic "Deep Cold" Outfits ... It Would Be !!

I think Underground was better.

**Better Underground !!

We all were going down to some place.

I do not remember for what reason now. But maybe I saw the re-Terraforming.

**You Were ... Given The Tour !!

But. It brightens my heart to think I was invited there. Do not know why.

**You Had ... An Invitation To ... "Take The Tour" !! ... As You Will Live There ... As Will Others .. Who Are "Specially Selected" !!

The sun was different tho. or maybe it was night and
a large star. maybe it was Jupiter instead of the sun.

**You Had Seen ... What Has Been Hidden !!

11/24/2012 06:00 PM

I take it, that it isn't human energies doing this, but the energies of those of Maldek who were allowed to come here after they destroyed their world.

**It Is ... A Combination Of Energies !!

Their energies seem to run to rule or ruin. When they came here, they have problems with absolute rule, so now they ruin.

**It Was That Way ... In The Ancient Orion Empire !! ... What They Cannot Have For Themselves ... They Destroy ... Or Make Useless !! .... As Their Thinking Is ...
(Of A "War Mentality") ... Such Things Would Be Used By "The Enemy" ... They Have To Be "Neutralized" ... So They Cannot Be Used Against Us !!

Since they cannot escape, perhaps they think, if they destroy another planet, they will be given another to destroy by those who dumped them here.

**This Type Of Thinking Would Be In Error !! ... As The Planet Will Not Be Allowed To Be Destroyed ... As Was Maldek/Lucifer: The Light Bearer/Light Giver !!

I guess that is one way to rule the galaxy. destroy one planet at a time until you run out of them.

**It Is ... If It Is Allowed/Permitted !!

I guess that works out fore the Maldekians. But it doomed the humans

**The "Humans" As You Call That ... Were Always Doomed !! ... That Body Form/Shell/Container Was Created For Limited Temporary Use ... On Terra/Earth ... In 3rd Density Only !! ... As The Energies & Vibrations Are Increasing ... To The Next Higher Octave/Level ... Then The Bodies/Systems Are Breaking Down/Shutting Down !! ... The "Human Body" Has Been Cancelled !! ... That Model Discontinued !!


Farewell For Now !!

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