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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 18342848

If I'm really going off and volunteering during the night and its sapping my energy from my 3rd density form then I need to withdraw my volunteer services.

**The Volunteering Was Agreed To !! ... The Choice Was Made !! ... There Are "Allowances" For The Volunteers ...
To Withdraw ... Though What Is Needed ... To Be Requested ... Is An "Energy Realignment/Adjustment" ... To Rebalance Those Energies Used ... During Your Volunteering ... & Your 3rd Density Life !!

It is leaving me so exhausted that I can't function in a manner necessary to properly maintain my 3rd density form. This body needs more energy not less, it was already lacking.

**Adjustment Of Energies Needed !! ... A Rebalance !!

I've been learning how to draw energy into the body from the planet and was feeling fairly energetic again and then I have that dream and suddenly I'm totally drained again, like someone took my energy.

**The Planet Took Back It's Energies !!

Are you sure I'm not being parasited?

**Correct ... You Are Not !!

You say you don't have access to individual files so are you sure the dream was not actually a representation of an entity feeding off me?

**There Are Exceptions ... Of Which When There Is "Medical Need" ... We May Consult The Personal Files ... For The
Healing That Is Needed !!

Do you find it at all problematic that TPTB might be resetting time repeatedly thus preventing Nibiru from getting here.

**It Does Not Prevent Nibiru From Arriving ... As However Ones Hop/Skip ... "To Another Frame" ... As It Were ... Such
Is Only A "Temporary Effect" ... Of Which Things Reset Themselves !! .. The "Delaying Tactic" Is NO Tactic At All !! ... As The Necessary Calibrations Have Been "Fed Into The Computers" ... Of Which On A "Certain Jump" ... Transport Will Be Upon Arrival ... To Have Nibiru & All Things Associated ... In Their Faces !! ... So ... Doom If You Do ... & Doom If You Don't ... We're Still Going To Get You !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

It feels a bit like we're actually caught in a loop.

**Sort Of ... Though Not Precisely A Loop ... More Of A ... "Temporary Repeat" Of A "Frame" !! ... Such As With The "Physical Death" (Once Again !!) ... Of Larry Hagman !!

Hmmm, if violence and killing literally sustains TPTBs life-force, then there is a huge conflict of interest.

It's not a matter of them just being malicious if they literally need these energies for survival.

**It Is Not That It Sustains Them ... It Is A "Drug" ... Gives Them A "High" ... As It Were !! ... An Addiction !! ... So These Circumstances Are "Created" ... To Produce The Desired Effects/Expending Of
Emotions ... Of Which Is Fed Upon !!

When a lion needs to eat it goes and kills a gazelle. If it doesn't kill it starves to death. Is this much different than what TPTB are doing here?

**It Is Quite Different !! ... As The Lion Is Eating For Food ... TPTB Are "Feeding" For The Euphoria The Emotions,
Energies Give Them !!

They are creating their food source through our conflict.

**No !! ... Creating Their "Drugs" ... And Getting "High" ... From This !!

We don't try to exterminate the lion for killing
gazelles, why are we so upset then that TPTB are causing wars to sustain their body forms?

**It Is NOT ... The Same Thing !!

It looks like a predator/prey scenario from this perspective.

**It Is Not ... Completely Different !!

Unfortunately their means of sustaining their forms also seem to lead to unbalancing the entire planets ecosystem, but what can they do?

**It Is An Addiction ... Rather Then An Actual Physical Need ... To Sustain The Forms !!

Surely all beings try to do what the need to do to survive and I suppose TPTB are no different, though in a sense this
makes them at odds with all other beings of the planet.

**It Is Not Survival ... It Is ... A "Energy/Chemical Dependency" ... An Addiction !!

It seems like letting them successfully build that LHC device is gonna turn out to be a huge mistake by the ETs...

**To Have Certain Things Fail ... And Not Happen As Planned ... Can Have The Effect Of Deterrence !!

maybe even bigger than not fixing these flawed bodies at the beginning and letting the Orions come here after Maldek...

**It Was A Different Circumstance !!

the reverberations of this may spread out into the universe now that TPTB have the ability to alter the timeline to their liking.

**It Already Has ... Of Which Those Who Know/Understand ... Have Taken Measures ... To Maintain The Balance ... &
To Correct That ... Which Needs To Be Corrected !!

Farewell For Now !!

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