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Hello All...

Canada... You still around?.. Hope your well and rested now that we still stuck here... On Gods lovely planet earth..... Live long and prosper...

Operator... Dude.. When I grow up.. I wanna be like you... Yea. Hardcore!

Amy.... I was happy when I read you had left... Cos I was happy that you chose life over this ET lies/ bs.... But I see ur back... Nice to see ur doing well... Just keep ur mind YOURS and don't give into the bs... Actually maybe stand up for what you BELIEVE is right... Instead of listening to fairy tales that don't translate into a changed life...

And dear ST.... Don't take this personally as this is all a show... And part of the entertainment...

I said in many posts before... An ET that resides aboard ship out of time cannot 'NOT KNOW' That is beyond dumb!.. You dear friend... Know maybe just a little more than a pencil.

So which brings me to the conclusion that you dear conduit have been LIED to... By the many voices that speak to you...

Nothing you ever spoke of came true... Not that baseball game, no blowing up of Yellowstone... And the last one... The 21st... That was a biggie... So in effect you actually know LESS than what I know... But ACT like you know more... Cos most of the other nonsense you drivel out is just some fairy tale BS...lol

This is no attack on you... It's all part of the entertainment here on GLP.

So, I personally think that you are some whacko with some Ailments that is beyond repair... And spends time on GLP to get a modicum of respect.. Cos you sure as HELL not gonna get it in the real world....lol.

I don't visit here often... But after the failed Nibiru stuff... I'll try and pop in at least twice a month just to offset the BS that you put out...

Maybe bring the original OP back... Cos you are beyond FAKE. You give fakes a bad rep.

Life is for the real... Nibiru is for sissy cowards that don't want to face live... But want a easy way out...

In closing... 2013... Here we come... Guns blazing and ready to take you on.

Peace to all.. God loves you.peace

 Quoting: Truthseeker 30882694

Could not agree more with you! clappa
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