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I agree fully with you... I believe changes are upon us..in the REAL... Mother earth is real, every other living organism is just that... Living.. Why do we need to be fed some bs telling us that this is a fabrication!


 Quoting: Truthseeker 30910683

Yes, but you are talking about those of us who "know". What about the myriad of those that do "NOT" know. The sheeple, that live their lives every day, working, getting sick, going to the doctor, eating franken foods and not even knowing how effed up the world is.

Who woulda thunk that there could be more than evolution on this planet. Who woulda thunk there is more than the concept of "god". Who woulda thunk that ETs are more than what's offered by the gov and movies? The mere mention of densities and dimensions, theories, gravity.... even what happens in death and the beyond, the next adventure. What you call BS is what we see as mind stimulating thoughts.

Even if ST/Conduit was a simple human with grandiose ideas, it's been a great read. What about that one/two people that just happen to find this thread and start reading the wealth of information = out of this world information. I think that's fantastic; it's like a child reading a book of mind stimulating, out of the box, phenominal ideas. Out of theories come truth....

There are people that flit in here from time to time and pretty often that just call BS, basically because they can. They haven't read a good portion of history in these years of pages. It is mind stimulating to read about concepts that were only personal, and yet here it is - other people think the same things. And additionally, words of "beyond" are offered for thought.

Don't you "see"? We know what's coming, who cares. It doesn't do any good, right? It's not going to change anything. Once you know, you're forever changed. You can never go "back". Knowledge is truth, ever changing, ever evolving as you learn more and more.... We've searched for years for nuggets of truth. But what is truth? My truth is not the same as your truth, right? Whos's to say exactly who knows all the truth? All we know is that it "feels" right, it makes more sense than the other BS we've been spoon fed growing up.

And really, we are all tired of drinking kool aid from the gov. It's stories/information like this that exercise our brains; stimulate our imaginations.....

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