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Greetings: Eugene User ID: 8284

Quote: "ST,

What about the so-called Free-Energy devices.. can you talk about these? If not... lets talk about renewable energy sources..

On your travelings to other worlds, what sort of energy sources are harnessed by the local populations - do they harness the wind at all? Do they use oil as well?

Should we continue to bother with wind/hydro/geothermal/solar? or will you and your ET friends save the day with more advanced energy supplies?

Thanks, Eugene"

*Indeed !! ... There Are Devices Now Here On Terra/Earth ... In The Termed: "Back Room" That Are Literal "Perpetual Motion Machines" ... As Once Started ... They Supply Their Own Energy !!

Devices That Create Energies Include ... Those Powered By Magnetics/Gravametrics ... Hydrogen (Onces That Produce Their Own By Water !!) ... Compressed Air ... And Many Many Others !! ... In ThisThey Are All "Clean Engines" & That They Suppy Limitless Power & Do Not Pollute !!

As A Main Source Of Power ... "Cold Fusion" Could Be Employed ... This Is Factual& It Works !! ...It IsHowStellarBodies& Phenomna "Work" In Space !! ... And It Is How Your Sun/Star (Sol)Functions !! ...ThisBeing Of Plasma Energy ... And Utilizing /Creating Energy From Fusion At Extreme Temperature !! ... *As A Notation: While Your Sun/Star Is Extremely Cold (Not Hot !!) ...OneMay StillNotApproach Close...AsTheEnergiesGiven Off...Would Create A "Frictional Effect"...Which Would Cause Burn Up !!

On Terra/Earth ...It IsAn"Assumption" That Everything Is Renewable !! ... While In A Perception ThisMay BeTrue...It IsNotTheFull Truth !! ...AsEverythingIsConnected To Everything Else ... And Such Would Effect Every Living Thing On The Planet !! ... For An Example: One Has The Symbiotic Relationship Between Living Creatures That Breathe Oxygen ...And GiveOff Carbon Dioxide !! ... *And In Opposite To This ... One Has The Trees & The Plants Which Require Carbon Dioxide ... But Give Off Oxygen !! ... So In Destroying The Plant Life/Trees ...To Clear The Land & To Use These Living Things For Commodity ... One Is Killing Themselves !! ...As WhileGiving Off Life Substaining Oxygen ... They Also Capture& Filter Large Amounts Of Pollution & Carbon Dioxide (For Their Life Cycle/Growth) ... That Would Otherwise Be Harmful To Lifeforms On The Planet !!

If The Beings Here Would Only See Their World ... As As A Huge Living Organism !! ... That It´s Plant´s & Trees Are It´s Lungs !! ... It´s Water That Is Circulated ... Being The Blood & Circulatory System Of It´s Body ... The Land/Soil ... It´s Skin & Muscles, Ect.

Now As To "Renewable Energy Sources/Resources" ... We Would Feel That As Long As This/These Methods Worked With Nature ... Instead Of Destroying Nature ... Every Living Thing On Terra/Earth Would Benefit !! ... There Are Many Many Options Available ... To Which Are The Most Commonly Known ... Such As...*HydroelectricPower(Generated From Waterfalls) ... (*We Would Not Include Dams ... As This Is A Manmade Construct That Inhibits The Life Energies Of The Water& The Land !!)...*Thermal Energy(From Tapping Into Underground Heat Sources ...Such As Underground Volcanic Energies) ... *Solar Power Applications (By Using Basic Elements To Create "Panels" That Would Absorb Heat (In Thermal Transfer) ...But Would Also Convert& DistributeThis Energy For Cooling, Devices, Ect. (This Would Be In Use In Areas Of Desert Locale ... Where The RadiantEnergiesAreMost Prevelent !!) ... *With The Proper Materials Used In Construction Of "Panels" & Distributed Properly ... In This Region There Would Be No Need For Outside Power Generation ... As One Would Have All The Energies Needed !! ...*Wind Power (Using High Technological Devices That Employ Wind In A Turbine Effect/RotaryEffect...That Would GenerateElectrical Power !!) ... This Would Be Most "Energy Efficient" In Areas That Had Strong Wind Flows/Gusts !! ... *Methane Gas Production (By Reclaiming The Biological Waste Of Both Animals & Humans) ... And Using This For Fuel/Energy Production !! ... *Biomass/Composting (Using The Natural Breakdown Of Plant & Other Material To Produce Fuel/Energies) ...*Tidal Energies& WaterDensityLayers(Using Movement Of The Tides To Generate Power/Energy ... And Using The Density Layer Interactions Between Hot & Cold Water Sections & Flows ... As A Source Of Energy ... *Kinetic Energies/Frictional Energies ... (A Larger Application Of Static Electrical Discharge) ... *Magnetic Energies (Of Which What Is Termed: Electricity & Lightening Are Examples) ... *This Is Just A Very Small List Of Various "Energy Sources"That Are AvailableIn 3rd Density...That Could Be Harnessed For Use !! ... *And While Yes To Some Extent This Is Being Done ... It Is Not Being Utilized To Full Capacity !!

*We Did Not Include The Use Of "Atomic Energy" In "Renewable Energy Sources/Resources" ...As The Radioactive Waste Product Is Highly Dangerous & Deadly To All Living Things ... In It ´s Non Processed "Raw State" !! ... *There Is A Method That Exists ... A Discovery Made On Your World ...That Such Wastes Can Be Reconverted Back Into Non-Radioactive& Inert Solid Materials !! ...And These Materials Can Then Be Reused !! ... This Is Through An Application Of "Electrical Energies" ...Of Costs That Are Very Inexpensive At: "Pennies On The Dollar" !!

Quote: "On your travelings to other worlds, what sort of energy sources are harnessed by the local populations - do they harness the wind at all? Do they use oil as well?"

*ThisWould Just Depend On The Particular Planet &/Or Civilizations In Question !! ... Not Unlike Here One Would Find The Various Applications Of "Renewable Resources" As Mentioned Above !! ... And More Then Likely Each Society Would Take Advantage Of The Materials At Hand !! ...*Now There Would Be A Differance When It CameTo Bitumans("Oil" & It´s Natural Forms) ... Rather Then Digging & Drilling For "Oil" ... Only That Which Is Found On The Surface Would Be Taken ... And Considered As A Gift !! ... For It Is Recognized That ThisSubstanceIs The Planet´s Natural Lubricant & Reducer (Anti-Friction Agent !!) Of Friction !!

There Are Those Who Live/Have Lived On The Surface Of Their World ... Where Conditions Are Similar To The North American Southwest & Mexico !! ... Of Which They Have Constructed TheirDwellingsIn A LikeManner!! ... Using "Stucco Application"...And LaterOn (Do To PhasialDifferential Of Their Star/Sun) ... *That Is Their Sun Changed Phases From Yellow To Orange To Red ...They Constructed Their Homes & Their Cities Underground !! ... As Their Star Was No Longer Dispensing The Necessary Life Giving Energies (In Sufficient Quanity) To Maintain The Warmth On Their Surface !! ... In The Later Red Stage ... As At Night It Was Hundred´s Of Degrees Below O !!

Now Discussing Those Of Higher Technologies & Understanding (At The "OppositeEnd Of The Scale" So To Speak ...)...ThereAreThose Who Are Able To Use Their Minds ... To Manipulate The Energies Around Them ... To Manifest/Create In A "Physical Reality" Anything That They So Choose !! ... Anything That They Can Imagine !! ... And In Like Kind ... They Can "Dissolve" Back Into Energy ("Uncreate") In The Same Fashion ... By Using Their Minds !! ... *This Is True Creation By Thought !! ...This Ability/Understanding Is Reserved For Only Those Of The Highest & Purest Orders !! ... As This Is A Complete Blending Of "Spirituality& Technological Understanding" !!

Quote: "Should we continue to bother with wind/hydro/geothermal/solar? or will you and your ET friends save the day with more advanced energy supplies?"

*At ThisPoint ...At This"Time" In Your Understanding Continuing On With Development Of Various Methods Of "Natural & Beneficial Renewable Energy Resouces" ... Of Which Cooperate With Nature ... And Do Not Harm Nature ... Would Be The Path To Walk & To Persue !!

*Indeed The Day Will Come/Arrive When We Will Appear ...And Will Present Those Of Terra/Earth ...With Better More Sensible Methods Of Doing Things !! ... That Benefit All Life/Lifeforms On Your World !! ... Also To This Thought ... We & Others Will Help You To Clean Up Terra/Earth Of The Damage & Destruction Done To It !! ... And Show You/Teach You Once Again ...How To Connect & Become One With The Lifeforce Of Your Planet ... And With All Life Everywhere !!
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