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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Amy: User ID: 30361330

Oh! Then its NICE! Great ET system there...!

**Yes ... It Is !!

I guess on Earth when everyone is fed well and have their own mind in their own time... people will start doing what they love as well...rather than having to work to live and survive.

**Not On Terra/Earth !! ... Things Would Have To Dramatically Change ... Of This "Humans" ... That Temporary Form ... Would Cease To Be !!

how are you Mon? How are your Moan? Same sound?

**It Is Similar !! ... And One Way To "Greet The Day" !! ... "Good Moaning" ... To Which One Then Gives "Moaning/Groaning" Sounds !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!!

The day I wrote to myself complaining about ST...'why he keeps repeating Soon and Doom ' ...he has got no other things to say, why why why?

Then the night came, in my sleep, I received a beautiful letter , every word shined with colors... saying ' its How it is and should be..' and laughed a lot of ' heeheehee....
heeheehee ....!!! ' (I can't remember the whole things by the way)

**But Of Course !!

So ...I thought perhaps they are doing things with some secret purpose...not only to teach and instruct ...but also to deal with 'them ' too.

**Could Be ?? .... Hee Hee Hee !!

that's how I got the, ' idea '.

**Hmmm !!

**In Response To: Truthseeker: User ID: 30882694 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Oh Hi! Long time no see!

Yes I come back...reading posts often here now.

And write when I feel like sharing.

Maybe you don't like the place

**Evidently They Don't !!

but to me its fun and free space!

**Indeed So !!

After all that happened, I still value the ET' s points of views and their ways.

**Well ... We Do Try !!

I like to be around with such people.

**US & "The People"(WE) !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

Maybe you should choose someone that you like to talk to...if they are not here, find them somewhere else.

**They Just Need To Move On !! ... They Get Their "Troll Energies" Recharged ... By Coming On The Thread & Harassing !! ... Perhaps Their "Troll Bellies" Are Hungry ?? ... Thankfully We Made Up A Fresh
Batch Of ... "Troll House Cookies" !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

I see people spreading these videos about ET races and their agendas.

Its interesting that they got images and figures to explanations.

ST when you have time can you have a look and tell me your opinions?

**The Conduit Does Not Have "Video Access" Enabled ... Per "Security Reasons" ...
To Watch These Online !!

Farewell For Now !!

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