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Greetings: Canundrum: User ID: 26488649

**In Response To: Truthseeker: User ID: 30882694 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

wow, i just have to respond.

While I do come here often, it's because of the stimulation of "out of the box" thinking.

None of us "here" are feeding of the idea of the end of the world.

None of us are drinking mind numbing kool aid.

There will never be peace here on earth, not as it is. Human dna is too defective;

the scientists have corrupted the food chain; we are fat and malnourished;

there are too many people in the world;

no matter how much we exercise, we are dying a slow agonizing death; emphasis on slowly because it profits the pharmaceutical companies (franken-seeds, franken-foods). So much more....

As for ST's references to Yellowstone, footballs games, new madrid fault, sleeping volcanoes..... these are visions from the conduit.

My daughter has visions as well;

Wispy on this forum has visions too;

All like-type visions of earth changes. No end date has ever been laid down here.

I think ST said we won't see Dec 21,

**Of That Moment ... That Was A Distinct Possibility !!

but because there are so many other factors involved with what must happen, that the final date keeps changing.

**Indeed It Does !!

The only fact we really can rely on is that it will happen, already has happened.... We don't know for sure, so we march on.

**Yep !!

Let's speculate what would happen if we knew the date? Stop living? move to the mountains and dig a hole and wait? raid the stores and stock up? Kill each other cause we don't have enuf and they have more? what kind of agony would that cause for everyone around the world to know they die on a certain date? It's a blessing in disguise what we don't know the date.

**Indeed !!

2013 does come and I embrace it for what it's worth.

I, myself have no angst with my current life and do not welcome what comes, what is going to happen.

However, I do understand the reason; it's so much bigger than my little corner of the world.

**The Effects Will Not Only Be Felt ... On That World ... But Far Far Beyond !!!

People around the world "feel" something is happening;a huge change is coming, can't put our finger on it, only that it is someTHING. What it is, nobody knows for sure.

**US/WE Know !! ... Terrestrial Governments Know !! ... Certain Others There ... They Know !! ... The Termed "Majority Of "Surface Dwellers" ... They Do Not Know ... & Relay On Their "Governments" To Tell Them ... What Is Happening !!

We all know that life is getting weirder and weirder really quickly.

**Yes ... Mighty Strange !!

There are too many global changes along with the sun and Jupiter, Venus, etc. to ignore.

Sure, changes are always happening, but the near instant ramping up effects of global changes and the sun, etc.,
are indicators that something is happening now. Something is going to blow big time.

**Yes ... It Is Indeed !! ... Many Things Are Going To ... Blow BIG !!!

Oh and one more tidbit.... humanity is a learning tool while on earth.

**A "Temporary" Learning Tool ... Of Which Has Been ... Discontinued !! ... Only Created ... For Existing On
3rd Density Terra/Earth !!

Remember, that it is not just "us" that is alive; All things are alive. That includes our beloved mother earth; the solar system, the galaxy.... and beyond.

**Everything Is Alive !!!

Do you think for a minute that earth is doing just fine with what humans are doing to her? We are killing her. Who is going to help her....

**Terra/Earth Is Suffering Immensely !! ... But Like A Kind Host ... Has Restrained Themselves ... From Tossing The Borders ... The Unwanted ... To The Streets !! ... Though Even Of Dr. Seuss's Tale ... Of Thidwick: The Big Hearted Moose ... Even He Had His Day !! ... Tossing/Shedding His Antlers ... & Going Over To The Side Of The Bank ... To Munch On Moose Munch !! ... While The "Unwanted Guests" Ended Up ... Mounted ... As A Trophy ... Above A Fireplace !!

**Thank You For Your Words Of Kindness/Wisdom !! ... Most Appreciated !!


Farewell For Now !!

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