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The following info is not meaning to defend this ‘ET’/’ETs’/ONE-member or whatever he/they want to call themselves because the ‘ETs’ in this thread sure have shown that he/they/she does not need any help to reply with a crushing blowing emotional effect to posters that have tried to come in offensive/sarcastic/mocking/debasing mode towards him/her/they(us?).

Based on real experience (with witnesses and verifiable effects) in this 3D and other Ds and at times in a mixture of Ds, I can assure to any physical (denser-nature) existing being on this planet that ‘others things’, ‘other places’, ‘other conscious beings’ and ‘other unlabeled-classifications’ are real and really exist out there and all over. So, in my not very humble opinion, we should not provoke some of those other existences ‘bad sides because YES there are infinite kind of powers and those who can manipulate those powers micro- and macroscopically. Meaning that from some and some’s perspectives this earth could be a speck of dust that some of ‘them’ are capable of blowing away or crush in an instant or sloooooooooowly.

I and others have and still do consciously and/or physically (maybe in a less dense body but still physically) experience events/moments/time in other dimensions and also in a mixture of dimensions. I currently prefer this dimension here in 3D(or 4D to some). I do enjoy and appreciate been ‘human’ in physical form experiencing various group of people, cultures and countries from/of this very cool/crazy planet.

As for the self-proclaimed ETs here in this thread and in this world, I can say that (either they admit it or not) he/she/they are studying/learning/progressing/cultivating/gathering/experiencing/sharing/’observi​ng’ (so to stop typing so many words ending with ‘ings’) and doing many other actions. This is what I have to tell to the ST and BGs: this now earth garden/cycle is just coming out of a very initial developmental stage where the seeds are sprouting. Human consciousness is now in labor. On this plane/Earth, it will be birth-time soon after a few more pains. The seeds are just starting to germinate. Aaaaaannnnd, looks like this will be a successful attempt – at least a partial success. :)

On the downside of this cycle, consciousness progress will be too ‘slow’(i.e. it will take about 500 earth years for desirable genetic mix); unfortunately in 3D, outer looks help a little to achieve progress in consciousness (this outer-look judgment thing I don’t really fully understand yet, but I know that soooooooon I will). Another 1000(more or less) earth years for ‘science’ to expand to a descent level where practical findings/information/concepts can be freely shared without its uses been abused or misused or wasted. It is to estimate how many years/centuries will take for an acceptable level of consciousness to start been the norm here on this awesome planet. Here on this particular plane, the list of expectations that require time/waiting-moments to reach acceptable levels goes on and on. i.e.: religious, understanding and application of emotions (love, happy), social structure/organization and many more pre-determined expectations typical/native of this kind of worlds (you know this part).

Then and only then, after fair chances (emphasis here in chances = more than one ha! ) are given to this germinating human-garden, you can say that soooooon some interference might (MIGHT) take place. Interference does not always mean drama and/or chaos or destruction due to the fact that perspective(s) is like a tool that some are very capable of arranging/manipulating with a high level of expertise. In other words, a possible interference could be perceived as a local/global revival/party/enlightenment/grow/progress.

Cool Earth! Right ETs???

Hasta la vista babies!!!
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