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Dream Vision December 30, 2012

I was on a telecommunication device in a Great Room reporting to someone. There were many being greeted as they were coming through a doorway. Great excitement was in the air...something very special was happening.

I Recognized an older man as he came through the doorway and was greeted. He was very Wise but had only been seen as a fool by those who did not Know. I went to greet him and he gave me a Thought of Recognization but he was busy healing/conveying information with his hands over a dark haired woman's ears. I went back to my station and resumed my work, as others were filing in. I Understood that they were the ones (Volunteers) who were now coming back. Many had been in various states of slumber, but now were fully Awake.

Then I Saw, in a distance, those who had deceived others... now stripped of their illusions. Many of them had wrapped themselves in the cloaks of various belief systems that no longer existed. Their homes of false bricks had crumbled and they were left without these pretenses to be seen by those they had fooled, as those who could See Knew them.

 Quoting: Truth2 1448050

Very nice!!!
I feel 'great excitement ' in the air now... for New Year has come. Many many special things are happening!!!

I have several dreams lately relate to School, class, classmate, books, subjects, studying, practicing, especially we were very busy for final exams before graduating.

The funny part was ... I couldn't do the exam... the friend sitting next to me open her paper for me to copy...the teacher saw that but didn't catch me...she let me through....haha!!

I was told that my next school would be interesting ... I was curious and went there to see how it was. The place was so full ...its hard to even find a parking space.

What I am to learn in next school I don't know...and that's why its exciting...!
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